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Upcoming Blood Test, Have a Question


I have full VA (Veterans) health insurance and today I had an appt and I brought up testosterone. I'm dealing with a lot of the symptoms that was stated in the stickies as well as being diagnosed with depression/PTSD from my time in the military. My dr ordered a blood test and if my T level is low enough, she'll put me on T shots she said. The blood tests will also be lipid panel, thyroid, cholesterol and others. I'm 34. The VA doesn't work like a regular doctors office so I'm sort of at their mercy. If the results don't come back in my favor for TRT I'm going to take the results to a civilian doctor per the sticky recommendations. S

So here's my question after all of that. Is there anything I can/should do prior to the blood test (October 13th) to purposely lower my T level as much as possible so I will be below the cut off line? Thanks for any help.


T levels vary during the day, and are usually higher in the morning, so taking the blood draw in the afternoon should result in lower levels. Other than that, nothing comes to mind that would'nt screw up other tests they should be doing on you as well.


it will screw with all of your results and may result in you being treated for problems you don't really have but:
don't sleep for one or two nights before.
drink alcohol
just do a google search for "how to lower testosterone"


My cholesterol at last screening the dr said was 214 and 161 after is was adjusted. Can't remember if they subtract the LDL or HDL. Doctor said he'd like my numbers to be under 200 and and 150 adjusted for cholesterol.

I read online that soy milk lowers T level so I try that as well.


10mg lovastatin is very cheap, sort of like red rice yeast extract tabs, but ... cheap, will lower things a little bit