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Upcoming Basic Cycle: Questions, AI's and Diet

Hi folks,

I am planning a fairly standard cycle in the coming months, and it world be awesome to hear your thoughts about it.

Week 1 - 12: 500 mg of Test Enanthate
Week 1 - 10: 300 mg of Deca

These will be divided into two injections every week.

Test taper protocol (as described in the sticky by Prisoner)

I will also have nolva on hand in case of gyno symptoms.

Looks ok so far?

In Steroid Newbie Cycle Planning, FuriousGeorge also recommends:

Week 1-12 Adex 0.25mg EOD (reduce to 0.125mg EOD in last week)
Week 6-12 Proviron 25mg 2x/d

So, I thought I should add Adex and Proviron also. Sounds ok?

Yes, I know all this has probably been answered elsewhere, I just wanted to double-check it all with some more experienced people.

About diet: I really like the Anabolic Diet. It fits in well with my work schedule and lifestyle in general. I?m guessing this world be good also for a cycle. What do you think?

So long,

Cycle looks ok

Provide stats and history

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Hahaha! Yes, BushidoBB I remember you told me that the last time I posted too! I am not gay, the name is just a silly joke.

Anyway, some brief background then…

I’m 33 and I’ve been training for about 10+ years. I am about 220lbs, 189cm tall, and this will be my third cycle.

Ok, thanks for the input guys…