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Up TM After Anchor Cycle?

Hey guys, i have read forever 531. I understand the 7th week protocol, but after the anchor cycle if i was using 85% training max for that anchor and i hit 5 solid reps during the 7th week TM test (adter said anchor cycle) . I would then up that training max 5lb for bench and press and 10lb for squat and deads leading into the next leader cycle correct? I am pretty sure this is how it is. I just wanted to make sure! Thank you!

After your anchor cycle, if your reps are clean and solid like said, then yes you up the weight accordingly. You do so until you cant do 5 solid reps and reset the TM based on the formula provided to get the new one.

Doesn’t really matter, personally I would keep the same since the TM at the start of your next leader is already higher than it was at the start of your previous leader/anchor cycle. You may have hit 5 solid reps now but that won’t always be the case so the slower you take it the more you’ll be able to hit that goal.