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Up Test from 250mg to 500mg for Blast or Get on 50mg of Anavar a Day?

So I’m considering a blast and back to cruise just to see what it’s all about and if I like it.

I know this is trt but that’s all I’ve been doing up until now so I still feel it’s valid to post this in this forum and I might never do the blast as I’m not totally sold on it just yet.

So to lean out a bit more and pack on some more muscle that actually stays around after the blast would I be better off upping my t from 250mg to 500mg a week or doing 50mg anavar a day?

I know some will say 250mg a week is already a blast or cycle nearly but it’s not. It’s what my body need to get my levels in a good zone but more importantly it’s what I need to feel like a happy functioning male again.

I don’t do an AI and will not do an AI.

Danny Bossa has completely revolutionised my life with regards to AI and a huge thank you to him. I don’t think he realises how many people he’s helped already and how positively he has changed their lives including mine.

Do the blast. Many of us blast and cruise. Blasting is a great way to push past plateaus and to see what steroids affect you both positively as well as negatively.

What are your goals for the blast?

Anavar. Is. Magic.


I think it should depend on how long you have had your TrT protocol nailed down? If you had TrT nailed down for quite awhile, I would keep the TrT dose and introduce other compounds to hit the goals you have set.

How so? Is it any good for bulking? Or adding on top of a test cycle?

A buddy of mine ordered a load of raw anavar powder from China - would this be just as good as the pills?

out of interest, what is your experience with Anavar? as in gains made, progress in the gym etc (only the positive stuff lol)

Maybe, maybe not. With cheap to make stuff like test, most of the raw sources are at legit. They might not be the concentration they say, but it is very likely test.

With more expensive drugs, the more likely they are to be under dosed, or something different all together. Anavar, mast, primo, tren are in that list.

Test is also the cheapest and easiest to test since you can just get a blood test while on. These raw sources know they will be flagged really quickly if they fake test, so they don’t do it very often. The other more exotic drugs involve more complex and expensive testing to determine quality.

Care to expand on that?

I see, the Anavar was apparently a bit more expensive than Test-E. But still completely dirt cheap compared to US prices. How much Var would you recommend it I was stacking it with Test and Epistane? Will it be too harsh on the liver mixed with Epi, or perhaps way too dry on the joints?

On a separate note: i’ve heard certain compounds like Tren-E cannot hold without a solvent like BB in the oil, but TestE and Prop will dissolve in straight oil (at room temp). The Tren-E I have is yellow/orange in appearance and although it will dissolve no problem when i cook it hot enough I cannot get it to hold (not crash) until I make the solution at least 5% BB (I try to use as little as possible for less pip). Because it is looks different and behaves chemically differently then (I hope) that means it is not just Test. It was suspiciously cheap though, being only around 20% more expensive than Test-E, and after what you said about prices I’m beginning to worry it may not be legit.

  • anyone got any experience in this area (brewing?)

Lower sides, very anabolic, No aromatization, doesnt convert to DHT Pay attention to around the 3:40 mark

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For pure bulk? No, it’s not great. But for slow, steady gains without side effects, bloat, or serious damage to your body? It’s fantastic.

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Added strength in a nice, linear fashion. Got more vascularity, looked leaner despite constantly gaining weight, added size slowly and without looking bloated.

I used it at the beginning of my trt treatment, so those first four or so weeks where my test wasn’t yet at the optimal, stable level should not have been so great. But with the anavar everything seemed easier. Weights got lighter, confidence was high, women flocked to me, men begged me to tell them my secret. (Ok some of that is not at all true)

I liked it enough that I have thought about buying as much raw as I could afford so that I’d have a lifetime supply. I’m adding it to my next blast which should be starting in a few weeks. It doesn’t add tons of size. It isn’t dbol. But it’s so easy on your body and you stay leaner while using it during a bulk. I’m telling you, it’s magic. Guys talk about how great tren is for recomping, and that seems true. But anavar does a lot of the same things for a recomp or a cut but with 1/1,000,000th of the side effects. For someone who’s looking to minimize risk it’s the best oral out there.


It might be under dosed. You will have to check a different forum for percent BB for different compounds. I’m not sure exactly what percentage is needed. It will be different depending on concentration, carrier oil used, etc.

I do know lots of mistakes are due to people over concentrating their gear.

With this raw, do you place it in capsules or liquid suspension?

just watched the video posted and it sounds very good, as does your description @iron_yuppie. staying lean on my next blast is key as I want to build muscle but reduce the amount of time I will spend in a cutting phase as the plan is to compete next year. originally I had planned to run test e alone at 500mg but now I’m thinking do I just use my current cruise dose (125mg) and find out my required anavar dose to run. personally what would you run? for strength gains, lean mass gain, (nutrition will be dialled in which is the key obviously) this would only be my second blast.

Anavar is very hard to dissolve without something serious like PEG, which makes the taste pretty brutal. Suspensions are easier. But honestly, calling isn’t hard once you have the weight right. It’s a little time consuming (I cap raws for a few supplements, thank God for Amazon) but let’s be honest, you can just do it while you binge old episodes of The Office. It’s not terribly hard to do.

I just finished up a Test / Var cycle. It’s very different than DBol.

DBol I feel like a freakish beast, I want to throw weights around, but I also get some bloat.

Anavar just feels cleaner, hard to explain. It’s more mild, my strength still increased, I lost some fat, zero bloat, and I was able to run it longer without the same concerns associated with longer dbol use.

I like both, but they’re just different. Regardless of what I run, I will always run the oral on the back half of my cycle as I definitely feel as thought that helped me in several ways.

Results aren’t as dramatic, however I also did not eat any additional calories than my normal diet (~3500cal), I felt great the entire time, and strength definitely increased. I’m under going PCT now.

My opinion.

Anavar is overrated and underwhelming

Increasing test from 250-500 won’t accomplish much.

If I were you I’d look into dbol or adrol to add to your trt dose if you want a noticeable difference in physique. Add in some mast or proviron as well.

Disclaimer idk anything about your your stats or training/diet this was just my thoughts