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Up Over 200 Lbs!


So I weighed myself today after my workout. 201 lbs.!! First time I'm up over it in my life, I feel like I'm starting to get closer to the 'big boys' so to speak. I just wanted to say thanks for all the help from people here especially CC, 300, Prof X, J Rock, Live, etc. I switched to an upper/lower heavy/light split, and along with 4000 cals/day I've managed to add some good weight onto all my lifts. I set a new record for a DL triple last week, and just today set a new BB Row record. I also benched 250 for 6 today, and considering my highest single is 265 (last year, this year my high was around 240 before this current bulk) I should be setting a record there soon.

The article recently from Thibs, about aiming for 1-2 lbs. lean per week contributed a lot too, so I'm still around 12.5% bf I'd say, so it hasn't been sloppy at all, and I'm looking forward to 210 now.

Just wanted to say thanks for all the help I've gotten here.


congraluation buddy!


Good work - Keep it up, man.


Cool story bra... Srsly this is not "Make Posts about achiements i have made" thread make a log if you want people to see this shit. Way to many of these posts in this thread.


200 is a big milestone. Congrats man.


Nice man it would be cool for you to post a pic at that bf and weight! im 205 but prob 16% bf as my waist is 34 inches


Very cool. At 12.5%, sounds like you did everything right.



I think I'm going to tonight, or tomorrow (I work til 10 PM today). People have noticed that even in baggy jeans my legs look much bigger. I was about 181 2.5 months ago, so it's been quite a transformation.


AQ-- nice work!!!


Why do you care? Maybe he figured the people he's mentioning would have a better chance of seeing it here.
It's not like he's making a thread about why he doesn't want to be 200 (and by the way this is a thread in a subforum not a post in a thread).

To the OP, good job. I'm looking forward to the day I hit 200.


Good work mate, full speed ahead towards 210!


Great job man...

I take it you've addressed your squat issues, then?


Because there are so many other worthwhile threads on the BB forum, this is really cluttering things up with someone that actually seems to be doing quite well and hit a milestone.


good job, i hope to be 200 lbs soonly...won't be able to bench 250 though, too many shoulder issues that have held me back :frowning:


Congrats man! I have a ways to go, I just hit 140!...


Grats, huge milestone victory! Take a picture so you can laugh at it when you hit 250.



haha thats funny i weighed in at 201 for the first time yesterday. Congrats!
its a sick feeling.



What do you do on light days in your split?


yeah definitely. Got a lot of help here and other places. Afterwards I found that going to Olympic depth really helped a lot too. Somehow I'm more comfortable doing them that way.


DB Incline: 3x8
Pullups: 3x10
DB Militaries: 2x10
Chinups: 2x10

or something along those lines.