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Up Dose to 500mg for 2 Weeks?


What would you guys think to upping my dosage of sus 250, from 250 mg a week to 500 mg for 2weeks, the reason being that I am away working I am flying home for 2 weeks over x mas, I have a heap sus at home, only brought enough with me 2 do.

250 mg, sus 250/each week for 9 weeks with 30 mg/per day d-bol for the first 4 weeks, nolva clomid pct after if needed

But now I know I am aloud leave for x mass, I can space the shoots out to one every 8 days then on the 7 the week go the 500 mg, then the following week after that ill be back home were I can go 2 weeks of 500 mg/ per week, your thoughts would be great, this is my first injection course and from what I have all ready gained is great, I�??m really liking the sus even at a little dose of 250mg a week.

Stats, 25/ 87 kg/ 13%bf/ lifting 5 years/.



My thoughts are that if you are doing a shot of sus every 8 days your a dumb ass.
Sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, however read up on multi estered combo that sus is.


Go to:
to learn about the half life of Sustanon and other AAS.

Sustanon needs to be injected at least EOD, not once a week.



Well if it�??s all i got its all I got, very easy to answer that one, I did read up on it and ask allot of questions its better to do 1 a week for 9 weeks then 2 a week for 5 week. All I m asking is can you start juicing allot more on week 8 for say 3 weeks.?



News flash, Einstein. Just because it's all you've got doesn't mean it's a good idea. Which corrolates to "It doesn't mean it matters."

And who are you to tell us what is better?

For shit's sakes, take some grammar classes.


1 cc a week of sus is both a useless and dumb protocol to follow.
Just because it comes in 1 cc amps doesnt mean it all has to be done at once. A 1/2cc EOD will yeild around 437.5 mg per week. If you dont have enough products to run it this way for 10-12 weeks then simply wait till you do.


1 cc a week of sus is both a useless and dumb protocol to follow.
Just because it comes in 1 cc amps doesnt mean it all has to be done at once. A 1/2cc EOD will yeild around 437.5 mg per week. If you dont have enough product to run it this way for 10-12 weeks then simply wait till you do.


Hay champ its working for me fine, I have good gains so far and traing hard, plus ill be home for 3 weeks now, so I willn't have any thing else to do but eat, sleep lots, train hard back at my gym, and prick my self twice a week like you suggest, totaling 500 mg/ per week, and about the grammar well I don�??t know were you guys log on but me I�??m hard at it in my office, building this shit hole of a city they call the dessert dream DUBAI, lol.

Sorry I type it out fast and don�??t check the spelling, or grammar.


Just because its somewhat working for you doesnt make it right.

You are a tool. I laid this out for you plain and simple how to properly use this product but your way is still better. Why do you post at all.


There is a small fraction of men who do well on merely 250 mg/week. The only occasions I've seen with that, whether this is coincidence or not I don't know, has been endomorphs with little natural beard. I've seen a few cases where they dropped fat and added muscle remarkably with that low dose.

But for most men this isn't the case at all. 250 mg/week is almost completely suppressive of natural T, which itself is worth say 100 mg/week, and so in terms of increase, that dosage gives only 150 mg/week worth of increase.

Whereas say 500 mg/week gives 400 mg/week worth of increase. So it's more than twice as large an improvement.

Secondly, a tremendous part, probably really the prime advantage, of using androgens is crossing thresholds. In other words, until your hormonal environment crosses a given threshold, the most results you'll see is such-and-such. You can train hard and well and have correct nutrition but you're just not going to make rapid gains past a given point on a given low dosage.

Passing that threshold suddenly enables breaking through into a realm that just wasn't going to happen without the hormonal level passing that threshold.

Biologically there's at least one explanation for that: a satellite cell either will fuse into a neighboring mature muscle cell and therefore add to its nuclei and its ability to produce skeletal proteins; or it won't. At one hormonal level it won't happen, at another it well.

At 250 mg/week little or nothing may happen with regard to crossing any thresholds.

I would far rather see 1000 mg/week for say 8 weeks (just as an example) than 250 mg/week for four cycles of 8 weeks, as one comparison of equal amounts of steroids. Because the first will induce substantial changes that otherwise wouldn't happen, and the second may not or in most cases will not do so very much.


If memory serves, 100mg a week is only possible for a male to achieve during a growth spurt.



Thank you for the info much appreciated mate, I was happy just doing 250 mg a week no sides and felt sweet in the gym got good gains, then I got blasted a shit load on this forum my body felt good to up it a bit, I upped it to 250 mg every 5 days.

Then I had a brain storm, a girl that I�??m seeing over here is cabin crew, i.e. air hostess, any way she was doing a trip to Thailand for a couple of days, any way long story short I gave her the pharmacy address were I have my good little source in Thailand to get my juice, long story short, she came back with 6 vials of sus, and 3 bottles of deca, what a good girl, so now I�??m going to start 500 mg a week now for 3 weeks then taper off during my x mas holiday break back in Australia.

Now I don't know a F$@k n thing about deca apart from I hear it makes you go crazy hahaha, i got busted by my project leader at work reading steroid forums all day at work, if he catch s me again he will ban the net on my Pc, I will be up shit creek then, no pc were I�??m staying.

Any one got any good info on using 600 mg of deca, during week 7 of a sus course; I had in mind 200 mg a week for 3 weeks, then taper off with the sus, of course following clomid 3 weeks after the last injection, thanks.