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Up Coming Cycle


var - week 1-7 , 40 mg ed
clen - week 2,3,6,7
proviron - week 3-7, 25mg ed

clomid - week 8-10, 100/50/50
nolva - week 8-10, 40/20/20

14% bf, looking to cut down more, and use the var to put on alittle muscle. not looking to get huge, just looking to get cut up.
training is a 5 day split
day 1: chest
day 2: back
day 3: off
day 4: shoulders
day 5:arms and calves
day 6: off
day 7 : legs

after everday of lifting, 30-45 min of cardio .

diet is in check


Seven weeks? No HCG? No test?


Please do a lot more reading bro


This is a GREAT beginner cycle IMO- fuck the haters.

Another thing you might wanna consider if you just want to get "cut" is methamphetamine. Works really great- plus you can work out more because you don't have to waste time sleeping.