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Up-Close and Personal with a Pro BB


Me and Ben Pakulski.

Over here in OZ, we dont get many chances to see pro's. This is the first time for me and WOW!! and... HOLYY FUCKING SHIT!!! He is a giant.

You see them on stage, you see them in mags, but the only real way to believe and realise how big they actually are is to stand next to them and see them pose, AND WOOOWWWW!!!

Everyone have this thought/realisation.

Btw, he seems really nice, got an autograph, a pic and bought his DVD.



But is it as awesome as The Faceless shirt you're wearing? Hmmmm.


a thrill just ran up my leg.


Pretty Cool.

Ben is from Toronto (where I'm also situated) and I always thought it would be cool to meet him.




lol wait until you see Toney Freeman jumping out of a van and walking in your direction. Takes a lot for me to stop, stare and shit my pants, but that dude did it!

Nice when they do come over here. Only get a chance once a year. Hopefully they don't drop the aussie pro any time soon.


My thoughts exactly. Im just glad we got one over this way, usually its adelaide and melbourne.


The Faceless are pretty fricking cool.

When he posed he had crazy symphonic metal on, sorta like Dimmu Borgir, it was awesome.


I went to university with him at UWO. I remember him walking around with a giant tub a PB and entire loaves of bread. Cant argue with his determination.