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Up a Level (diet)


I’ve been on a diet now for 5 weeks and so far i’m down to 204lbs from 223lbs yet I’m still fat with a 36" waist. I want to take my level of dieting up a step for the remaining 5 weeks and get a nicer 34" waist back. So far i’ve done no cardio and my diet has for the first 5 weeks been-

3 meat meals with veg and olive oil(pork,chicken or fish)
3-4 servings of walnuts with a whey shake
Yoghurt and whey on workout days during/after training
cottage cheese before bed.

My strength has decreased slightly but after this week being ill through an alergic reaction to both pork and walnuts my squat suffered HEAVILY and I managed only a measly 130kg single today (my max was just shy of 170kg when I was 223lbs).

Anyway I’m considering to do what ever it takes to shed this remaining fat in 5 weeks. I’m looking at following some sort of circuit training as I don’t like slow cardio and think circuits are much more fun.

Any suggestions on circuit training? I had a look at a Waterbury article on out-training your diet and the circuits looked like the type of thing I would consider though no one really had much feed back on this article and recults from following the program.

I’m considering to go to the extreme and do an hour of circuits every day if that’s what it will take. Will this be counterproductive or should I add in no more than a couple of circuit sessions a week?

Long winded though I thought I should fill in some background info.