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Up 8lbs in 2 Weeks at 2,800kcal / Day


I must be doing something wrong with this "clean bulk" concept. I have eaten 2,800kcal a day for the past 2 weeks comprised solely of meat, nuts, vegetables, fruit, brown rice, whey, and some dairy. I am lifting probably 5 times a week, each session composed of multiple compounds then isolations. I went from 161-169lbs in this 2 week period, and I already feel that I am regaining my gut. I see no muscular changes, except perhaps subtly more pronounced vascularity.

My question is: did I really regain 8lbs of fat (because it looks like it) in 2 weeks by eating a clean diet of 2,800kcal or is just some bloating and water retention that is making my gut (and weight) larger? I realize that I'm still tiny regardless, but I don't want to repeat my awful dirty bulk experience.


Don't worry about it. You could have this this because you were glycogen depleted.
I've read that your body can store upwards of 700 grams of glycogen in the body. For each gram of glycogen stored, you also store between 3-4 grams of water.
So hypothetically speaking:
Glycogen(700g) + Water(2100-2800g) = 3500g = 7.7lbs

Your gut could be bloated b/c you ate too much, didn't chew your food enough, low HCL, are intolerant of something you've been consuming or something else.


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You could do a few things here:

1 - Cut back a little on the calories, maybe 2500 on lifting days, and then 2200 on non-lifting days or something.

2 - Add in more cardio (this is the one I would recommend) - Go for a walk for a 30-60 minutes, throw in some HIIT at the end of your training sessions. For those of us who dont stay naturally lean this is typically the answer.

3 - Make sure your training sessions are physically demanding enough to warrant a big increase in calories. Meaning, if you have an "arms day" you probably dont need as many calories as you do on Leg day.

Keep lifting, keep eating, keep doing cardio and then report back to us with your new results.


First off...you need to be gaining strength...I would be most concerned with upper body strength(mainly pressing) as I feel that is a better indicator of how strong someone is getting on a bulk...

if you were benching 180x8 when you started and you are still benching 180x8...you have made no progress and hence there is no reason for your body to use the nutrients to build muscle...

secondly, it doesn't matter if your diet is clean...if you eat more than your body needs, it will store the excess as fat...

post your diet and routine, and i can help you better...


The OP has only been bulking for 2 weeks and is already worried about 8 lbs of weight gain? It takes something like 3500 extra calories to put on one lb of fat (or muscle for that matter). Do the math.

OP- keep eating and lifting hard and give it some time and don't freak out about sudden jumps in the scale - it is supposed to work that way.