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Up 21 Pounds. Thanks!


Hey guys,

Just wanted to thank you guys for all of the info on here. I read the bodybuilding bible, and that put my ass into high gear. I use to do more endurance training until that got boring as hell... plus I have just always been better at being fast/explosive. I've been eating well and working hard, and although I am still small, I have gone from 148lbs in April to 169lbs today.

I am smoother than before but still fairly lean... a visible 4-pack. I had what I thought was an ambitious goal of 170lbs by the end of the summer... now I am aiming to hit that by next week! Not sure if this should be in this forum or the powerlifting since I am not totally focused on either. I just want to be strong and look impressive.

To all of my fellow newbs... just read the bible, eat, and when you think you've had your 4000calories for the day eat some more because you probably only had 2500. Weigh yourself every week, and that scale ought to be climbing or you've got some eating to do. I weigh myself every workout now to keep me motivated and on target.

My Goals for September are now:

180lbs in bodyweight while still somewhat lean

Deadlift 365lbs

Squat 225lbs for reps (always sucked on squat)

Bench 225lbs for 5


Good for you man. : )

Just keep doing what has been working and wait until you see how far you surpass your original goal by the end of the summer! Just be consistent in the gym and kitchen and it's a done deal.


Wait...so people other than the usual 8-10 posters on this site are making progress too?



Haha yeah I guess so. It really is as simple as Bryck and others said over and over again in the bodybuilding bible. Workout 4-6x a week, hitting each muscle 1-2 times every 5-7 days, ramp up to an all out set in the rep range that works best for you, and EAT. That is all I am doing, and I am guessing that is what most of the people making progress on here are doing. I am not counting calories... I'll do that if I stop growing or am just moving towards plain old obesity. Otherwise my diet rules are: Eat mostly healthy food, and eat a lot of it to grow consistently.

Obviously people at your level have some extra tweaking to do... pre-exhausting and whatnot... but for me it is just eating a lot, peri workout nutrition, busting my ass in the gym and never missing a workout. Pretty simple formula.


Good job my man! Youll be up there in no time!


Hopefully others will follow suit and not think that there's still some magic exercise protocol or magic supplement that the few people who make progress are keeping a secret -lol. If I had a nickel every time someone asked me "what exercise is best for.." or "what supplement/food is good for.." ... well, I'd have a sh*t load of nickels!



Are you a powerlifter?
I was just saying since you listed your goals as lifting certain weight in big 3.
I am just saying...,
Then again, you did say you gained 20lb in the title.
Good work, any pics?


We just don't necessarily post.

I've gained 25 pounds in the last six months (staying about as lean as when I started, and all major lifts have gone up ~100 pounds), and a large amount of the credit for this goes to the "don't be afraid to eat, pussy" crowd here.


Same here. I pretty much stick to the beginners forum (my 2-year progress thread just went up, btw). I've gained about 50 in two years (from 170 w/16% to 218 w/17%).


You know that's going to be read without the comma....


I didn't see the comma at first... was going to say... that's always been part of the diet lol.


Hey, good question. I am not a powerlifter in that I don't have any plans to compete. I am also not willing to grow to whatever shape or form it takes to lift the most amount of weight possible. I'd say I aspire to be a mini mauradermeat (that his name)? I hope to ride the line between bodybuilding and powerlifting assuming it exists. I just want to look aesthetically pleasing while being strong. I'd hope to be stronger than someone my size who is only interested in aesthetics, and better looking than a powerlifter my size that is only looking to lift a lot of weight in the three lifts. On the flip side, I won't be as strong as that powerlifter, and that bodybuilder will probably look a bit better than me too.

I start my workouts with a big movement working up to a 3-6 rep max. So Bench, Squat, DL, Military Press, and Weighted Chin. Once I get that out of the way, my goal is almost totally focused on the bodybuilding mantra of ramping up to 1 or 2 all out sets in the 6-10 rep range. I just enjoy putting more weight on the bar more than anything in the gym. So that gets me motivated, and then I am ready to rock on everything else.


All part of creating the proper anabolic conditions :wink:


That's the magic trick to raising Testosterone! :wink: