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Unwanted Weight Loss - HELP!


Before I start, YES my first instinct is upping my calories. I just want some outside imput on this. Ok, I'm a 6' 197 lb ecto body type. I eat about 3,500 kcal a day. Protien is at about 230g. I recently changed my routine from a 3 day FB to a 4 day upper/lower split. When I was on the 3 day FB I was dity bulking and gain 25lbs. Of course I gain some fat. Abs went bye bye and love handle sprouted. I figured by adding an extra day I should lean out a little while keeping up the intensity and leaving Calories the same.

Well I stepped on the scale the other day and I lost about 7-8 lbs (now 189). Now all my lifts are progressing with the new split. I'm getting more sleep now then when on the FB (full 8hrs now).Abs are still no were to be seen. So what gives? One thing I'll mention is I did cycle back weight on Dealifts and up the rep range. I haven't done any 1 rep maxes in 4 weeks. Could that be it? How do I lose weight yet still have abdominal fat? WTF!

Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.


If you eat sugary junk food it will make you insulin resistant which will make you store more fat in your midsection.


I'm not going to get into what you should do, but 7-8 lb loss might just be water if you have changed your eating habits.Are you weighing yourself in similar conditions?

The day after a big carby meal, I weight 4-8 lb more, and drop back to my usual weight in a couple of days to put it into context...


I lose 7-8 lbs after I take a good crap.


If you guys say so. I thought it was a significant drop in weight considering I'm trying to gain. I mean since I've added another day of training, I'm assuming I need more calories. I just figured since I had some belly fat that mabey things would level off.

Ziggy.......I stopped the dirty eating a couple of months ago when I got love handles. I now know I can gain by eating bigger portions of clean foods.