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Unwanted Weight Gain on Test Cypionate

48yo - trying to lose weight . Thought a test cycle or3 would ignite a sluggish metabolism. Was at 270ish and slowly losing , but now after 2 months on ar 200mg every 2 weeks (injections) - i’m at 285 with no diet changes. kept it consistent through the holidays.

Im about to give it up unless i hear some feedback otherwise — my training schedule is zilch because of a double whammy season of meniscus repair and rotator cuff surgery – srill in physical therapy for both of those

Someone give me a success story

You are at TRT levels so you basically shutdown your natural T so that you could inject enough to get about the exact same levels (or possibly less) you had naturally. The amount you injected is less than most take for TRT. To sum it up you did nothing but take on extra risks for literally no reward.

Your success story would be you stopping, do a PCT and praying your natural levels bounce back to what they were before.


You may be holding water. Not much you can do about that. Diet is key. I trimmed down after starting trt, but I started and maintained a proper diet along with cardio. You are not going to be able to drop from 270 on diet alone though. And TRT is not going to help you lose weight without putting in some work.

False; raw weight loss comes from diet alone. Consume less calories than you burn and you will lose weight. However, without a good training regime then much of that weight will be muscle.

The OP’s decision to inject small amounts of testosterone infrequently was a horrible idea, especially considering they’re not able to train properly. Steroids aren’t magic and don’t cause weight loss. I would recommend coming off with a standard PCT, get the diet in check and continue with physical therapy until such time their doctor clears them for regular exercise.

Absent exercise, there will become a time his metabolism will slow down with cutting calories alone. And then another calorie cut, another slowdown.

And yes, he will lose muscle which is something he shouldn’t to do. He will be a skinny fat.


Yes, because as you lose weight your body will no longer require as much energy to move. A 150 lbs person doesn’t require as much energy to climb a flight of stairs as a 200 lbs person: that’s basic physics. As you lose weight you must regularly adjust your caloric intake to compensate for the reduced energy needs.

Actually in absence of further stimulus to lose weight the bodies metabolism will recalibrate and reach a new equilibrium/homeostasis, in which the reduced caloric intake is now maintenance. This is of course largely dependent on genes and whatnot, but it still stands true. This is why bodybuilders don’t or shouldn’t instantaneously hop on grams of gear, clen, T3 etc and eat 1000 calories per day when cutting for a show but they’re 18%BF… say they reach 12 percent, but now they’ve stagnated… now what? Hence it’s always best to introduce variables slowly to keep shocking the body

You’re 48. You’re a grown man and you couldn’t be bothered to do even the slightest bit of research before you started injecting your body with a drug whose effects you were unfamiliar with. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the reason you’re overweight is because you lack discipline. The reason I know it’s true is because 1.) I was fat once and it’s because I had no discipline (like most fat people), and 2.) because you didn’t even have the patience to make the modest effort to do this right without fucking it up. Patience is a close cousin of disciple and I’m betting that the whole extended family is absent from you life.

My man, you’ve messed this up about as badly as you could, given the circumstances. You need to start over entirely and make a real plan based on real information, real science, and real past results. Most people here will be happy to help, but you’re going to have to swallow whatever ego you’ve got and be willing to learn from this mistake. At 48 I honestly don’t expect that to be possible. The concrete hardened long ago and you are who you are. I hope I’m wrong.


Thanks — yes - water seems to be a real issue – morning weigh in was 279, - so a 6 pound swing in 2 days

Thanks for the constructive criticism.
I didn’t offer up a lot of detail in my initial post , – im a former athlete at a reasonably high level, and besides the physician who prescribed me the stuff, and my surgeon who gives me cortisone shots in my shoulder as well, I also consulted a nameless former US national team coach and another trainer who looked at such a low dose as almost as flippant as trying out a new brand of creatine from the Vitamin Shoppe

The initial reason for seeking out some “help” though is because of a sex drive issue - I have a beautiful GF who is a few years younger than me, and I was at a point where I just wasn’t excited to even see her naked anymore. After a month of that , she is the one who suggested that maybe I have some issues that could be rectified with some supplementation. 50 mg of Viagra doesn’t touch that issue , it takes 75

But I was just hoping that the testosterone supplement would help out with other areas than just the whiskey dick.

Regarding discipline? Yep - I admit when I retired from organized competition and had to get a real job, it was nice not being tethered to a stringent training and diet schedule for a while, so the beer flowed and my visits to the gym were fewer and further between and the workouts began to center around building up the beach muscles and not doing much real productive work

The fact that you’re taking Test every 2 weeks is enough not to trust your doctor in his recommendations. It’s not helping your situation. You should certainly add some working out into your daily routine, that alone can boost your sense of well being and sex drive.


Why is it that former athletes give up on exercise? I researched it a while ago trying to understand why former football and basketball players get fat. What I read was that they were basically required to stay in shape and once that was removed, they opted to not even visit the gym. But their eating habits remained the same. Is that your story?

You need more T than what you are on. I’m usually the most brutal critique, but @iron_yuppie beat me this time. I’ll try harder next time.

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Your doctor is an idiot. He’s hurting you. You should be pissed.


My guess would be that since im a relatively new patient and he does not have a lot of data to work with other than recent blood tests, he is probably a little gunshy about putting me on a more aggressive dose until he sees the numbers at the end of 12 weeks

The fact that he’s recommending injecting once every two weeks shows his lack of knowledge and understanding on the subject.

Unrelated. Based on 707, I’m not far from you!

Yes – it was a warm welcome to the forum – LOL — I have a pretty thick skin and can readily admit if ive goofed up.

Regarding giving up on exercise when a sports career is over - I can only answer for myself - I was a track cyclist , and After a very regimented life from age 20 to the age of 32 that involved up to 30 hours of training per week – it was nice at first to breathe a sigh of relief and wake up and not have anywhere to be . And a fitness base built up over the course of over a decade of hard work was usually enough for me to still do well without trying too hard for a few years if I went to a local event just for fun or to stay active

The diet changed drastically - I actually ate a lot less food , but drank more beer - Ive started a new career as a corporate drone and its mentally taxing —
At times the “Give a shit” just wasn’t there anymore when it came to my health and fitness and I readily admit I am now paying a price.
A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to shape up for Masters level competition - so I built a small gym for myself at my home to eliminate excuses – a month into my comeback program, started feeling crunchy shoulders (signs of worn out rotator cuffs) and had a nagging knee injury that wouldn’t go away, so after getting an MRI, found out my ACL was too far gone to repair, PCL was bad and meniscus was the only thing giving my knee any stability and it needed some work too —
my response to that was “Shit-this sucks” or something similar

So my guess on what other older former athletes go through would be ----

  1. after decades of training - a football athlete for example may have started when he was 6 in pee wee ball for instance – its relaxing to let the wheels fall off the wagon a bit

  2. Some guys still eat way too much food – others, like myself eat a lot less - but replace the food with other poor choices- (too much beer)

  3. Old injuries and things that are quite literally worn out that make it hard to just get out of bed some days

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I’ll broach the subject with him for sure - its almost time to get new labs done anyway

707 is actually my lucky number - though im not sure if its working for me anymore LOL – I took the number from my dad’s horse growing up , a retired thoroughbred named Mr. 707

As has been said, it isn’t the dose as much as the time frame. Test C has a half life that’s 5-7 days. Even weekly injections are not optimal for most guys.

The basics of this are as follows: the first few days post injection you’re getting a decent amount of testosterone and you’ll be in a good place. Then as it unwinds you’ll get worse and worse, then sit in a low test state for another whole week before re-upping. That decline followed by a spike is not good for your body. It wants homeostasis and it can’t get it from this doctor’s fakakta protocol.

Here’s what you look like over a six week period:

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Haha, interesting. No association to Napa , Vallejo, Fairfield Area?! Haha

Wish you the best of luck sorting this stuff out.

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No association - except when I was starting out in my current career , (insurance adjuster) I had NApa area as a territory and I stayed in Vacaville – and on another occasion, was based out of Pleasanton for a while (just a bit further south)

I truly enjoyed my time in Norcal and cant wait to go back

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