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Unwanted Side Effects

Hi guys,

I am a faithful user of Biotest supplements. In fact, I love the stuff as it has helped me make gains that I have never before experienced. Of course it wasn’t just the supps, it was this website and its wealth of information and my hard work that has been helping me along towards my goals.

I see myself lifting for the rest of my life and I’ll be properly armed with Biotest supps and T-Nation information.

But I have one question for you guys. I am NOT a troll and I am NOT trying to cause any problems here. I would just like to know if any of you guys have experienced unwanted side effects with BCAA’s or Beta-7.

To be specific…acne. Any of you guys notice increased acne after using BCAA’s or Beta-7? Your honest feedback would be much appreciated.


No, I havent and I’m pretty sure this would have been brought up before if anyone had. This makes me beleive not many, if any, have experienced acne while taking these supps.

I can only speak for BCAA, and i have had no problems with acne, and as a person who has problems with acne when i was younger, i think if it was a side effect, it would definitly been a problem for me.