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Unwanted Fat

im 18, about 6’2", 210lbs. with 19 percent body fat. i have a significant amount of fat above my butt and around my sides. when i flex my butt i can feel that it starts above my glutes and connects around my sides. what exercises could i do to reduce this fat. or is reduction of bodyfat my only hope.

Spot reducing fat is EXTREMELY HARD, if at all possible. Fat loss mainly comes from the kitchen, not the gym although it helps.

Search around here for diet plans, they have everything.

You can’t spot reduce without surgery. Although Dr. Lowery seems to have something up his sleeve, which he has not revealed yet.
So no matter how much you exercise, or diet, the fat in that area will remain. Of course you can reduce your overall fat, but regardless, this will stay your problem area.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m in a similar situation… other than being 210 lbs. at 6’2 with 19% fat.

Don’t listen to kligor,You can lose that ass if your displined enough to diet t-man style.Kligore’s philosophy is why you see so many fat asses,that no matter how much you exercise or diet,you can’t get rid of your ass or love handles.So the victim mentality takes over and you become like 98% of the population,just eat whatever and don’t even attempt to diet because it won’t come off.Bullshit.If you follow one of the diets in here,like T-Dawg or whatever,and stay displined,you can lose your ass.But it won’t be easy,because in the back of your head,comments like Kligores will tell you it can’t be done,but thats the best time to go to the gym or do some cardio.This website is full of people who were FFB,but are no longer.Read some shit by Shuggurt,he’s a prime example of a FFB who is now lean.Do a search on diets here,you’ll find many good programs.

Well,I was a little hard on kligore but I disagree with his statement about not being able to diet problem areas.Yes,you cannot exercise a certan area,but your problem areas are the last to come off while dieting.And yes,they will continue to be your problem areas,because even if you get rid of them,they are the first to return when you start putting on fat again.

But if you exercise and eat T-Man style,they will come off,but you need to give it time and plenty of displine.You might still have saggy skin or stretch marks,but your skin normally tightens after while if you stay lean.I know because even at 10-11% BF,I have flabby fat on my chest and around my underarms,but using the V-diet last spring I got rid of it.

But now I’m back up to 13% and there back.What I’m sayin is that yes,they are my problem areas,and there gonna be flabby even at a normal BF for me,but if I diet down under 10%,they go away.So if youre at 21%,try the V-diet for 4 weeks,then go to T-dawg for 2 or 3 months,and youre ass and love handles will probaby evaporate.(sorry so long of a post)