Unwanted Advice at the Gym

I am 13 and i want to start powerlifting I am competing in September so I started this split about 2 weeks ago. Today was bench and squat, i was supposed to do between 8-15 sets on bench and 1-3 reps today i was doing 10 sets of 3 and this random guy came up to me and told me if i want to get anywhere i should do 7 reps then move the weight up and doing 3 reps wont do anything at all. I told him that i wanted to start powerlifting so that is why i am training like this.Is he right?

Are you following a program? If so, which one? Or are you being coached by someone?

I am sort of being coached. I have a friend who has coached powerlifters before and hes a PT and he wrote a split out for me.

Your still young, you could do just about anything in the gym and get somewhere. If I were you id hit more reps in the 4-8 range and stay away from machines. Easy, drink water and you’d be surprised how far that would get you. I’ve been capable of well over 1500 total raw without ever really running a program. Hit a 1692 raw with a 6-8 months of programming. You certainly won’t kill the comp with a few months of training. Consistency is key. My first comp I went about 1175 @166 and 21 years old.

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do you have any tips for my first comp?

If you trust your friend, follow his advice. If you trust that stranger, follow his advice. If you trust none of those people, find someone you trust and follow their advice.


If your friend has gotten decent results with other people then I would recommend sticking with his program. There is nothing wrong with doing a bunch of low rep sets, the only thing is that you should be doing some hypertrophy work too.

Listening to random guys at the gym is not usually a good idea, unless they randomly happen to be someone who knows what they are talking about.

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What does your program look like? Post a week of your training on here and we can judge whether or not it is appropriate for you.

Monday- Bench and Squat 1-3 reps 8-15 sets
Tuesday- hypertrophy upper body work
Wednesday- Bench(8-10 sets and 3-5 reps) Deadlift 1-3 reps 8-15 sets
Thursday- Lowerbody hypertrophy work, back, biceps
Friday- Pause bench 5x5 and front or box squats
Saturday- deficit deadlifts or rack pulls 3-5 reps 8-10 sets. Shoulders triceps

That doesn’t sound terrible. If I was writing your program I would condense that into 3-4 days, are you OK with training 6 days a week? Other than that it’s definitely better than what that other guy advised you, how does he figure that 7 is the magic number?

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Biggest one is set your openers light. Builds confidence with each attempt. Second is listen to the commands, being your first comp you will probably miss lifts more so due to this than the weight being heavy. Other than that you should do good.

Yeah i actually told him i wanted to train 6 days because i am 13 and i think i can handle the extra volume and i got a lot of free time

Ok then, stick with the program and don’t listen to some guys in the gym.