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Unusual Protein Sources

Not sure if this was posted before, but does anybody else feel as if they have been vastly underestimating their protein intake?


No. That diet outlined does not meet the typical TNation reader’s need for protein. While 70ish may be okay for a non athlete, generally more is recommended for active people seeking to gain muscle and get big/lean.

But again, for a vegan, it’s fine.

Yeah it’s easy to get enough protein with a vegan diet as long as you’re okay with getting 8x that amount in carbs.

… although it’s nice to know from the article that I can eat twelve and a half cups of brown rice to get all my essential aminos. sheesh.

Sorry if I was misunderstood. I’ve been counting only the usual sources of my protein, estimating at around one gram per pound of body weight (little bit more than that, but still not quite knowing how I could bump it up, seeing as I’ve been eating a lot as is), but after looking at this info., I feel as if I’ve been drastically undercounting my protein.

Looking at some of the some of the other foods in my diet, and then back at this list, I’m anywhere between 50g-100g off as far as my protein daily intake - I don’t know, maybe I’m the only one who hasn’t bother to factor in protein take from foods such as these.

Oh. I count all my protein shrug

Why not just use fitday.com?

I too am surprised by the extra protein i get in my diet from this post. I am one who only counts meet, nuts and protein shakes.