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Unusual Leg Exercises - Good or Bad?


i was doing a bit of YouTubing and i found some not too common leg exercises that id like to try out. just wanted to get opinions on them first. for example, are they bad for the knees, will they make good bulk movements or just good assistance exercises?

ive linked a few videos below. let me know what you think.


I would consider them assistant exercises.
If you have access to the equipment in videos 2-4 give them a shot.
As for the first video I never liked barbell hack squats just don't feel right to me, so I doubt I'd like the variation in the video. Give them a try, maybe they will work for you.


thanks for the reply.
although your not a fan of the barbell hack squats, is that an assistance exercise as well or can it be a good main lift to build up the quads?


First of all, the dude in the first video was right. By no means did he "invent" that exercise. It's pretty much exactly the form Vince Gironda recommended for hack squats back in the '50s.

Sissy squats can be decent finishers if your knees can handle them. Essentially, they're bodyweight leg extensions, so if you treat them as such (using a proper warm-up beforehand, or ditching them completely if you have pre-existing knee issues), they should be fine.

Here's an article that talked all about them:

Roman chair squats (like in the third and fourth videos) were used frequently in the '60s, '70s, and '80s by guys like Arnold, Frank Zane, and Tom Platz. They'll be more gentle on the knees, since they involve more total leg musculature, but again I'd use them as "finishers" since it'd be difficult to use enough load to make them a solid first exercise on most leg days.


yeah your right about the first video, i seen some old pictures on sandows or some other site with the old time strongmen, and that exercise is called a 'Hack Slide'. just wondering if that particular exercise can be used as a main lift?

and what do you think of the 2nd video? is that harsher on the knees than the exercises shown in video 3 + 4?