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Unusual Knee Pain


Hey guys,

I'm hoping someone knows something about this. I've had knee pain in the right leg for maybe 4 months now; it started posteriorly the day after a run, and I think was due to some hamstring/gastroc/popliteal straining. After a few weeks, that resolved. However, since then, I seem to have some anterior pain around the bottom part of the patella tendon, sort of like tendinitis or maybe bursitis. It's uncomfortable when squatting, deadlifting, etc. and strangely enough VERY uncomfortable when lunging and it's the TRAILING leg i.e. not supporting the load.

Has anyone got any ideas about what I can work on/foam roll/get soft tissue done on to try and get this resolved? Would be massively appreciated.




I have the exact same issue. I notice most it doing sprints but not during jogging. Any luck rehabbing it?


extreme knee pain during lunges is usually due to weak/stiff adductor and abductor muscles, incorporate some cable training in your routine.

supplement yourself