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Unusual Jump in Total T

July 2017 - Protocol: 0.25ml T Prop (100mg/ml) daily; 10IU HCG Daily; 3.75mg RC exemestane E3.5D - Total Testosterone = 1247ng/dl (Labcorp)

After this lab result, reduced T Prop dose to 0.20ml daily, kept everything else the same. Stayed on this protocol for 6 months, then got labs done.

January 2018 - Total Testosterone = “>1500ng/dl”

FT and E2 were basically unchanged.

Any ideas why a lower T Prop dose would lead to a higher TT?

perhaps change in SHBG.

More SHBG means more non-bio-available SHBG+T that inflates your TT number and liver clearance rates of SHBG+T could change.

Post the rest of your labs, do not assume that they are not important to this question.

With injections every day, lab timing effects should be nil for TT and FT. E2? -perhaps an issue.

What is 10iu hCG? That is subclinical. Was this 100iu hCG?

Do not confuse insulin iu markings with drug iu’s. Please do not report doses in volumes.

Following oral administration to healthy postmenopausal women, plasma concentrations of exemestane decline polyexponentially with a mean terminal half-life of about 24 hours.

You should dose exemestane every day or every other day. Your E2 levels may be moving around and lab timing effects are then possible. This drug does not live up to the hype that you read. Most do well with anastrozole, but some do better with exemestane.

Thanks for your time on this, KSman.

You’re correct–100IU HCG daily.

Full labs (all ng/dl, these were basic hormone panels, not comprehensive):

July 2017
TT = 1247
FT = 44.5
E2 = 50.2

Jan 2018
TT = >1500
FT = 43.7
E2 = 49.20

High E2: RC liquid exemestane might be bunk. Even with it the number that high, I feel decent; low E2 has been a nightmare a few times. I recently found some legit exemestane tablets, so now hoping to get that number down.