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Unusual Iron Levels

I’ve previously had various blood tests investigating low testosterone & hypothoidism.

In my last blood results, the markers for these are normal, but a few of my iron levels are out of range:

Serum Ferritin- 359 ug/l- range 30 to 400 ug/l
Percentage Iron saturation- 67%- range 20 to 50%
Transferrin Binding capacity- 45 umol/L- range 50- 85 umol/L
Serum transferrin- 1.81 g/L- range 2.00 to 3.60 g/L
Serum iron level- 30 umol/L - range 14 to 30 umol/L

So you can see that some of these are out of range, some are very nearly and some are normal.

Does Ksman or anyone else have any advice? I have been googling but yet to find any comprehensive explanation of the relationship between all the tests, and is going to take me ages to get an appointment with my GP, who obviously wont have a clue and will then need to refer me to an endochrinologist.

Thanks in advance


Serum iron is an odd thing. Have seem many swings in this.

Everything else seems good.

Hematocrit or RBC getting high?

Avoid foods that are iron enriched and men should not take vitamins with iron. Some pills are brown because the coating uses iron oxide for the pigment.

You did not reply to my post last April.
Did you do anything about thyroid/iodine issues?

The stickies are not links in the 2nd post of the 1st forum topic.