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Unusual Injury With CG Bench


Felt something go "ping" inside my right shoulder Friday AM. I was doing close grip benches in the rack, and it didn't hurt at the time.

Later I got an ache that runs in a line from the inside of my elbow up to the outside of my delt and right up my neck to just belwo my right ear.

I've been lifting for a very long time, but this is a first. Doesn't seem to matter how i position the arm, or whether or not I use it, it just hurts like a bitch. The pain runs along the "line" but seems most concentrated from the bottom of the delt to my neck. Last night was miserable, Up and down, only a few hours sleep.

Anyone knwo what this is? Icy hot and Naproxin don't touch it, and it doesn't really feel like a muscle injury. Any input is welcome, thanks in advance.


Sounds like a nerve prob to be may have one bound up or pinched. Maybe deep tissue massage or go to the doc.


Get some anti-inflamatories in you. I personally have great luck with Aleve.


hanker,same thing happened to me early jan.felt slight pop,right shoulder.my pain ,you described to a "t",are your index,middle finger tingly,numb?if so you popped c6-c7,just finished therapy(8 weeks)3x a week,basically neck stretching,tring to line everything back up.don't wait long to get checked on. this injury makes the tricept longhead disappear.good luck


Another accurate internet doctor diagnosis I am sure!

If you are concerned about the pain go and see someone qualified to tell you what is happening rather than just assuming that the guy on the internet telling you that you 'popped c6-c7' is correct.


Thanks for input. I ate Alleve all weekend, did stretches and it faded. Not sure what it was, but it stung and burned. My guess is I did something to a nerve. Alls well that goes the fuck away.