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Unusual Growth

I have just turned 18 years old i am 6’0 and weigh about 221. I did a very low carb diet kinda like the anabolic diet, up until two months ago. But i still eat pretty low carb i try to limit it to the morning having about 1 cup of oats and after i lift i have 8 oz of grape juice with whey protien and honey. the thing is before i went on the keto diet i was 234 i was on keto till i was about 225 which took about a month and a half. my arms before i started any dieting were about 17". But now they r about 19" un pumped. im not understanding if this is normal. im guessing it is good i did get weak from the keto and doing the GBC workout but now i have been doin each body part once a week but really blastin them. Does any one have any ideas as to why i am gaining mass and strength without eating excess. The supplements i take are Alpha Lipoic Acid about 600 mg a day split in three doses and two caps of V2g three times a day and fishoil caps. ANy suggestions as to what is happening here.

are you “taking” a MCT oil?

steroids could be the reason.

You probably just have bad insulin sensitivity and finally started eating in more of a way that agrees with your body. Not to mention the high amounts of protein typically consumed on a ketogenic type diet help feed the muscles. I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older the amount of carbs I need to consume to put on muscle has gone down as well. I can now gain muscle off of as little as 100 grams of carb per day…of course I really do put away the protein.