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Unusual Diet Problem (Colon Surgery)


I have no colon. It was removed during emergency surgery about 6 years ago when i was 15. i was losing all muscle mass and it was starting to affect my heart. I was 5 foot 9 inches and weighed about 98 lbs (yeah, some of you could have curled me). needless to say recovery was a pretty gradual process but i got there.

My problem is that having no colon and only a u-bend in the small bowel to store waste means that eating the volumes needed of the type of food recommended is next to impossible. I'd just spend too much time with griping pains or on the toilet. over the years any attempts to build strength and size have been hampered by this.

So does anybody have any ideas on how i can reduce my "out put" but still take in what i need? i asked my GP and he said "don't bother with weights"...


I would go with liquids and easily absorbed nutrients. Hydrolysed whey and simple sugars, preferably dextrose and so on.

You are probably on a very low fiber diet, right?

Has your GP given you a green light on exercise and the likes?


yeah i try and keep the fiber down but i like vegetables so i still eat some. the problem is the best stuff for you has fiber in. even peanut butter has roughly a gram per table spoon.

yeah my specialist at the hospital said if it doesn't hurt do it. the only concern with exercise was damaging my abs that have been weakened by being cut up but I worked on them and can do planks & side bridges for well over a minute and hanging leg raises so i think ill be fine.

does anybody know about the acidity levels of protein shakes?


Have you tried something like Superfood or greens plus?


no but Superfood sounds ideal for me, thanks for pointing it out.

it seems like to eat that big I'm going to have to eat extremely boring and take a lot of supplements. even going as far as white rice and bread instead of their tastier brown counterparts. the problem with that method is trying to keep the will power to eat meals that are just white/beige and afford the supplements.


You would need to keep your fiber intake low to reduce your output, but that would mean your food will be liquid or protein. Much of the absorption of nutrients takes place in the small bowel, the jejunum, so you still have that. Its a tough thing you have going on, if you eat alot, your gonna have a high output. But that goes for anyone.


As Mikael said, liquid nutrition will help. However, I have this to say. This is by no means to discourage you, but, I hope bodybuiling is not on your priority list. If you can't hold much waste, then even liquid nutrition can become a problem if consumed too much IMO. Obviously this is something that was not your fault and you couldn't do anything about it.

However, perhaps you should focus more on general health and well being? I would still lift weights despite what your doctor said, but I wouldn't get into bodybuilding if you have problems consuming copious amounts of food.

Sorry to hear what happened to you.


Thankfully I'm not interested in becoming huge just bigger than i am now and more importantly stronger. i like cycling and swimming too much to be a dedicated bodybuilder. I think missing them might be the hardest part of doing rippetoes and not the nutrition lol.


some good news. i can get carbohydrate dense shakes that i had to build my weight up post op on the NHS i remember reading the ingredients and they have a range of simple sugars and complex carbs, dextrose, glucose and the other usual suspects, as well as some vitamins and minerals. mixing some pure whey into these will make a great shake.