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Unusual Clean & Jerk Technique

The Commonwealth Games are currently being held over here in Australia and I was watching the weightlifting on TV the other night. The men’s 69kg class was on and I was able to see the most unusual clean & jerk technique I hve ever seen from one of the competitors from Cameroon.

His clean was normal, but once he was standing up straight and getting ready for the jerk he LET GO of the bar and BALANCED 160 or so kilograms on his shoulders while he moved his hands out to a wider snatch grip, and then performed the jerk using this new grip. Obviously he does this to reduce the distance needed to jerk the weight, not to mention it would be a little more stable with the wide grip.

It worked though and was an amazing thing to watch, I just had to mention it. Did anyone else see this competition? Anyone have a link to footage of the lift?



I’ve seen other olympic lifters do this, even at the elite level. However, they widen their grip after they have racked the clean, as in as they stand up from the rack, once the reach the extended position their hands slide out.

Dimas practices it at 1:20 of this video, slow enough to catch it.

There is a Chinese olylifter who competed at the olympics who does a snatch grip jerk as well.

I was lucky enough to atend the 69kg final on Saturday night. Great contest- im guessing most of the crowd didn’t know that much about OL but they absolutely loved it. They crowd was insane when Turner won gold. The jerk technique of the Cameroon lifter looked even more impressive live than on the telly.

Go Aussies!

I saw one of the lifters lift the bar off the floor with his knees touching as in they were buckled inwards
is this normal. I alwys thought this was bad form