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Unusual Bleeding


Recently over the past 3 or 4 months I occasionally see bright red blood in my feces. It usually lasts for a day or two and then comes back in a week or less for another day. I asked the doctor and she said there was no blood in my rectum.

I have been cycling M1t and Methyl D on and off over the past 3 months but am now finished. Currently taking Nolvadex and Clomid. Has anyone experienced this before.

I train with a powerlifting team and do a lot of heavy squats and deads which might be a contributing factor. Any info would be appreciated.


If the blood is bright red then it is fairly fresh when it is mixing with your stool. This means that the bleeding is somewhere close to your anus and thus not a serious problem. Of course you want to figure out exactly what it is and treat it but it is not going to be urgent.

If the blood was darker though that would have been much more serious and a cause for concern. That would mean you are bleeding internally somewhere.


Are you sure it's blood? Many red colored foods can maintain their pigment while passing through digestion. If your Doc says no blood I would watch what you eat and see if there's some connection.


It is bright red almost like neon red. As far as I know there is nothing with red food coloring that I have been eating. I have been taking the VPX supplement plasma expander but it is a light purple to bluish color. The doctor said she thinks I might be rupturing some blood vessels and to lay off the deads and squats for a week.


BRBPR or bright red blood per rectum usually simply means a lower GI bleed (generally considered to be below the ligament of Trietz, but some severe upper GI bleed can come out as bright red and some lower GI bleed in some conditions can be darker.

Conditions can be as benign as internal hemerrhoids or anal fissure or diverticulosis or can be a first sign of rectal cancer depending on the age and other factors.

Lower GI bleed is clearly not more begnin than an upper GI bleed.

When things such as these recure, getting checked out is never a bad thing.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for all the info. She did the finger test and said I had no hemorrhoids, fissures, or prostate abnormalities. I need to get a stool sample next time I see blood for testing


Yeah good luck with that.
I have a mate that gets nasty nosebleeds in the gym when he takes heaps of fishoil; I haven't heard of this one before but perhaps something similar could be happening... Aspirin or some blood thinner on top of really strenuous exercise? I really don't know so nobody flame me please, just woke up.


does this only occur after DLing/squatting ?
if so , that could be the factor .

I've experienced that twice . both times on a Thursday...the day after squat/deadlift day . the first time spooked me a bit , as there was A LOT . lasted a day and a half . second time lasted about a half day .

began using a loose squat suit and the problem disappeared . maybe coincedence......maybe not


Ya... I used to shit blood all of the time a year or tqo ago. I had some nasty hemorrhoids. It aint no big deal really man, if the blood turns dark red then you do have a problem, but if the blood looks fresh then you are in the clear for the most part.