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unused protein-bulky muscle?

whoa guys, I certainly don’t want to start personal trainer bashing. I would imagine that there are many fine trainers out there. I just don’t think there are alot in my area. Of course, being from the smallest state might have something to do with it. The gyms around here are all the same cookie cutter mentality. I work out at home, reading what I can on this site and what I see in Oxygen mag.
Nevertheless, this trainer is doing the bodyfat testing so I guess I will have to take his word for it until I can find someone else.
I have not posted pictures although I hope to do so in the future and become a t-vixen like Patricia.
I am paying attention to what he says in case he is right but sometimes it very hard when he yells at you if you were bad one night and had a glass or two of wine when you are supposed to be on your diet. I mean for crying out loud, what is life without a glass of wine or a beer in it. Is that such a problem?

Whew! Sorry, I have been going without a beer or wine for 21 days because of the diet. Tomorrow is my cheat day. I can have a small serving of pasta/potatoe with two of my meals and a small piece of cake or a cookie. This is to do something with my insulin. I’m not even going to speculate as to exactly what he said because I did not understand it but I know I read something on this site that had to do with re-feeds and carb uptake so I am going to do some searching here because I know I can read things so they make sense to regular “joe or josephine”. Thank you all for being so great at responding. I will keep reading. Till the next bodyfat test!

Ditch the Oxygen.


Chris I take back my statement about most personal trainers being morons and I am sorry if I offended you in any way. I want to reiterate, most personal trainers in my experiance are morons. They are also salesmen in my observation, and being a salemen, some of them lie to their customers assuming that they will never know any better. Hail T-Mag for changeing that! And thank you for trying to get America back in shape and educating them on what I consider the most important thing in ones life- health.


It’s cool. Believe me, the morons piss me off more than they do you because they give me personally a bad name. The solution isn’t so much putting down trainers in general, though, as pointing the people who really want answers in the direction of T-Mag, qualified trainers, books by people like Mel Siff, Tudor Bompa, Ian King, John Davies, etc.–sources of real information, in other words.

char-dog, I understand why you would want me to ditch Oxygen. It does have way too many ads for the “wonder drugs” but I have read too much on t-mag to take the junk that they advertise. For supplements I use low-carb Grow, HotRox, fish and flax oil. In my defense, I find the mag helps me to visualize what I wish for myself. Since I work out alone and at home, I find it easier to read about different exercises and see the pics. I do not have a pc at home so when I read t-mag,(at work, shh don’t tell the boss) I have to remember how to do certain exercises. I have not been doing deadlifts, I know, I know, it is heresy to say that but I was not exactly sure how to do them correctly. The pics on this site really did not make it clear enough for me, so I looked around and saw a great video on the Infinity Fitness site. Now I can see what I should be doing. I will always be open to everyone’s suggestions though, so thanks!