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unused protein-bulky muscle?

I hope this will not seem like a foolish question but I have been going to a personal trainer who has me on a diet of 1 1/3 cup of veg, a measured amount of protein 3 times a day and 2 mrp’s. He has me taking EFA’s and Flax oil capsules. I have to do this for 21 days, no cheating then the 22nd day, I can have a cheat afternoon and then am back on the diet for 5 days, and then a cheat afternoon on the 6th day. I am losing weight and fat on the diet and have no problems with following it.
I have been working out at home following the workouts I have found on this site and using some of his workouts from the time I had hired him in 2001.
This is my question, he is saying “if I don’t work the muscles right, all the protein I am eating will go around the muscles and I will be bulky because I need to break the muscles down.” I think he is just trying to get me to sign up again and work out with him, because of course I cannot work out properly on my own. Does this make any sense to anyone? Thanks everyone for making this a great site!

He’s an idiot.

That’s not even a credible scare story. You’ll obviously get better gains from smart training than dumb training, and if you’re not eating properly or training hard enough, you may store some excess calories as fat, but it has nothing to do with excess protein creating bulky muscles.

What Ike said.

Tell him to piss off, and keep poking around this site.

He’s retarded

It sounds like he’s trying to use a version of Poliquin’s 25-day preparation diet. Unfortunately, I think he only bought the half-ass Cliff Notes for Poliquin’s stuff. Then again, he was probably too busy cramming for his ACE certification exam…

Ike is right.

Thanks guys. I thought it sounded a little flaky but being a “newbie” and seeing the results of his diet working for me, I guess I figured maybe the rest of the info was okay. I’m supposed to have my bodyfat tested on friday so I’ll post them so you can see and I can see how well the diet part is doing.
Thanks again, for great quick responsed and always great info!

When you go from not worrying about what you eat and not working out to being on a reasonable diet and working out some, you’re going to see a lot of positive changes. Slowly, those changes will taper off and you will have to find something better to go further.

And that’s the problem with some personal trainers. They put everybody on the same nutrition and exercise plan, get some results, and then they think they’ve solved the nation’s health crisis. Don’t believe everything this guy says just because you made a few gains. Keep reading here, and you’ll see why.

Wasn’t there a all MPR/ Protien Shake diet here on T-mag? Maybe he was trying that diet that for you? Nah probably and most likely not.

Jared’s right about everything working for a little while, so really, initial progress isn’t going to indicate how good a diet and exercise regime is for you. Everyone else is right about this trainer being a moron. Without a doubt, that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard a trainer say and I’ve heard lots. Holy shit. Keep reading T-Mag and you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor and it’s free, as is the advice. Good luck.

Simply ridiculous. No other comment necessary.

HAHAHAHAHAHA…I’m sure my graduate supervisor would love to hear that comment.

He would’ve been closer if he said you’ll piss it all out…at least that’s partially true.

YES!!! you must be VERY careful about the protein going “around” the muscle! It could possibly end up taking a left turn and then end up back on the thruway! I almost pissed myself when i read that! BY the way anyone know where can I find Poliquins 25 Day prep diet??

OK I?m going to go out on a limb here and defend blondeblue?s trainer for a couple of reasons.

  1. If you disregard the whole ?protein turning bulky? bullshit, the diet is relatively sound. It could very well consist of lean meat with healthy vegies for 3 meals, plus the 2 mrp?s. Add in the healthy fat?s from the efa?s and flax, and it?s not half bad. Especially since she said that she?s losing fat.
    It may not be ?the best? diet. But it is working right now.

  2. As a trainer I have often been told things by clients that a previous trainer told them, that I later found out not to be true. For example, I have a new client that moves here from another city who has worked with another trainer from their former home town. The client tells me that their old trainer said ?______(insert inane sounding piece of advice her).? I then assume that the old trainer is a clown but need to either converse over the phone or email with them regarding the client. I have found out on several occasions that the trainer actually gave the client good advice, but the client couldn?t use proper terminology to relay the point.

My point is that if most of you were to explain some semi complicated training or nutritional theory to one of your friends who either does not train or is a newby, you may very well be shocked to hear their version of what you said if they were asked to explain it to someone else. So maybe this guy is an idiot. But, if the diet advice is working, I would suggest that blondeblue stick with it for the

Sorry about all the question marks. When I typed them in they were quotation marks and apostrophes. Strange.

 I hate to admit this but I was at 32% bodyfat when I started. Ugh, It hurts to even admit that. I'm 5'2" and I was 140lbs. It seems that I carry most of my weight around my back, waist and stomach. As a matter of fact, he was kind enough to inform me that I had a really "fat" back, jeez.
 I started his diet 19 days ago, for example, raw weights-7oz of salmon, 3.9oz chicken, 4.3 sirloin steak. No dairy, no salt, only pepper, the only carbs are in the veggies, which can be anything green. Plus, 1 1/2 gal. water. I can get the gallon in but the rest is tough. But as he says "just do it".
I can see a difference around the waist and back. I'm back into the size 6 jeans which to me is really great, and I can breath in them, ha ha! So, I'm sure that fat % is down too. The thing I miss the most is my wine. Damn, thats the toughest thing, I know, I know, everything in moderation, eventually. I hope! I should have the stats tomorrow. Thanks!         

Stats are in!
32.71% bodyfat
93.5 muscle, 45.5 fat

31.29% bodyfat
92.8 muscle, 42.2 fat

I was hoping for a bigger bodyfat loss but I realize the weight did not go on in one day (although it did seem that way!) so it will not come off quickly either. So back to the weights, wish me luck!

Not bad. I’d venture to guess that you actually gained some muscle protein and merely lost the water component of LBM by decreasing your carbs. Stick with it, and you’ll get there sooner than later.

Great work!

Ok, he’s an idiot. What he said doesn’t even make sense. Extra protein… tell him it will be used or wasted, one or the other. The body does not store protein as if it was fat in some sort of deposit outside of the muscle. Also, is he the one going to give you the BF% test? If he’s doing it with calipers take whatever he says with a grain of salt. You should anyway. I had a trainer take my BF% about 2 months ago for the Hot-Rox challenge (I wanted multiple readings for accuracy). This guy was a tub of lard, takes my 3 site in places I’ve never seen done before and then tells me I am 17% BF! When I post my before and afters you’ll see this guys was a complete fucking retard! I had come up with 7-9% and was willing to except 12% realistically but 17%, and then he had the gaul to tell me he was 6%! Most personal trainers are morons!


I take pretty serious exception to the idea that “most” personal trainers are morons. There are some real morons out there who give the rest of us a bad name, but there are quite a few of us out there who take what we do quite seriously, making sure we’re well grounded in physiology, anatomy, kinesiology, nutrition, and exercise science. You can tell who we are because we’re the ones whose clients actually make visible progress.