Untreated Broken Nose?

Two years ago, in a basketball game, I got hit in the nose by the back of another person’s head. I felt my nose a little bit later and it began to bleed. I ran off to the bathroom because you can’t play while bleeding. When I got there it had begun to blood a lot worse. I seriously made that bathroom look like a murder scene. I’ve never seen a worse bloody nose.

I missed the end of the first half and the beginning of the second half but came back in to finish the game. It was late on a school night so we didn’t have it x-rayed or anything. It hurt, but wasn’t unbearable. The next week or two it for the most part only hurt when it was touched. We just let it go and didn’t think much of it.

I think I might have broken it or messed it up somehow then. I have been told I have a nasally voice and I don’t breath well out of my nose. I may have had both of these problems before then, but I’ve just had to wonder. Is it possible that I may have broken it?

Totally. Your septum may be damaged causing the breathing problems. Insurance covers septum repair but not rhinoplasty in case your nose looks f’d up on the outside (like mine). I just broke mine (again) last Friday on someones head. I always thought it was fake in the movies when they like crack it back into place but nope that really happened when I did it.

I also broke my nose on someone’s head. Hurt like hell, bleed like hell but when we x-rayed it, the thing just cracked in half, nothing moved an inch.

Now, I have this svastika of a nose.

You should get it checked out and repaired if necessary. I broke mine a good bit when I was younger and just snapped it back in place, stuffed it with those nasal tampons and would continue the match.

Now I get chronic sinus infections from built up scar tissue and a deviated septum which results in sleep disturbances due to difficulty breathing.

It’s not good.

Alright, I’ll probably get it checked out.

I can’t imagine that it was broken if it didn’t hurt much. All three times mine has been broke it hurt like a bitch, I mean can’t see straight hurt.

I have a crooked nose from an unrepaired break. I have to use a neti pot on a regular basis to avoid chronic sinusitis. It’s just one more nuisance, but it’s not a big deal in the scheme of things.


Just to update this, I checked it out and have a deviated septum. He said I naturally have a smaller nose, but estimated I’m only getting 30% of the air I could be getting if my septum weren’t messed up. I’m kinda looking forward to it since it is such a hinderance to my breathing in athletics, but am going to be a bit nervous because I’m just not a big surgery guy. I’m going to get my sinuses checked to see if I need those worked on also so that I don’t have to come back again and get another surgery.

What are other people’s experiences with nose surgery? How long did it take to come back to lifting?

I’ve broken mine a few times at least. Once too while playing hoops. We got good at straightening out someone’s nose when it got whacked, roll up some tissue up the nostrils and kept on playing. Mine got to the point where I had only one nostril working and had it fixed in 2000. I had out patient surgery and was home the same day and out of work for almost a week. I wasn’t lifting then, but I’d say that you’d be back within 10 days but might have to take it easy.



I got knee’d in he face while playing rugby a couple years back which broke mine, i got it checked out by a doctor and they said it’d be alright. So i’ve just left it and have no problems, from some of these posts i guess i’m pretty lucky with that though…

[quote]dollarbill44 wrote:
chronic sinusitis.[/quote]


Wow that really is why? Holy shit…

Thanks guys, and thanks for the thread OP. I done learned today.

Mine got broken 3 or four times on someones knee/fist and it made doing lines a shitty experience(s) since I only had 1 or 2 “shots” at gettin where I was goin… yeah and the sinus problems suck :slight_smile:

I have had 3 sinus surgeries in my life, all before I started training. I had more work done than it sounds like you will have. I would probably have needed about 3 weeks before I started light stuff, 4-5 before I attempted a heavy squat.

The nose is generally moist, so it takes a little longer to heal, and the scabs can fall off easier before you are fully healed. For that reason, if you go heavy before you fully healed, you are asking for bleeding. I would speak to your doctor to see exactly how invasive the surgery is, whether or not you will have packing* (doubtful), and what the healing time is. Either way, I’d prepare for about 3 weeks of not going heavy.

*Packing is kinda like a surgical gauze that they keep up your nose for a few days post-op to help w/ bleeding and healing. It needs to be surgically removed. I had it for my first surgery only when I was about 9 years old.

Just read what BeachGuy wrote… his story is a little closer to yours, so 10 days might be reasonable for you. Good luck either way.

Alright, since I hate searching threads and seeing them not have a finish, I’m going to try and fill you guys in on how it goes. Surgery in less than 10 hours. I was told not to eat or drink anything past midnight. Acutally it might have been 4 or something for drinking, but oh well. I’ll try and post some updates on pre and post-surgery…if I remember much that is. If I forget to update this and anybody is interested just PM me.

Alright, so we’ll start with when I first see the doctor. He came away from another patient and told me I was up next and had a big smile on his face. It was honestly a little creepy with how happy he seemed. They take me to my bed, and close the curtain for me to put my gown on. A nurse comes in, talks to me some, and then the anaesthesia (ologist?) guy came in. He tells me something along the lines of "This is going to hit you in about 30 seconds and it’s going to feel weird, guarantee it, and it will make you smile.

I laid back and closed my eyes in hopes of avoiding this and said “I don’t feel any different” and then got a huge smile on my face. I guess this was kinda funny. I don’t remember much after the smile, though, and it felt like I was smiling on my own and not because the anaesthesia made me. I guess another nurse came in and talked to me, but I don’t remember.

Woke up a little later after surgery in the recovery room with a nurse who basically wouldn’t shut up. She was nice I guess, but I wasn’t looking to talk. I don’t know if I’m normal or bad with anaesthesia, but I felt absolutely awful at first. I got slightly better over the next hour or so, but I still had to lay in bed for 6 hours after surgery because I couldn’t do anything. I was extremely tired, but couldn’t sleep. In those 6 hour all I managed to do was lay in bed, and take a piss (although that was difficult). For the next 2-3 hours I still felt weird but was able to move around some.

At about 9-10 hours post-surgery I felt pretty normal. At about 15 hours post-surgery the bleeding hasn’t yet stopped. I was supposed to shoot this water stuff up my nose, but I guess I can’t do that since I haven’t yet stopped bleeding. I guess I’ve been up moving around too much. Didn’t feel enough pain to take pain killers, but we’ll see how tomorrow goes. I have splints in, but they haven’t bothered me yet because I haven’t gotten my gauze off since the bleeding hasn’t stopped. I don’t mind the gauze too much except for when I lay down it’s a little annoying, but still not bad. I might just leave gauze in tomorrow to keep me from being tempted to touch those splints. I have a problem with when people tell me not to touch stuff like that. I get my splints out Monday afternoon.

after reading this I now feel bad for this guys nose I broke in a fight. Hopefully it wasn’t too bad…

Man, this morning has sucked. I couldn’t fall asleep very well until like 5:30, and then something happened and then my head fell off the pillows and I woke up an hour later and now all this blood is dry. These splints are finally bothering me, and I don’t get them off until Monday afternoon. I don’t know how I’m gonna do it, man, and this is just a really tough morning.

well that sucks man, atleast you slept a bit, Im still awake lol, its 8:02am and still awake, well good night and I hope your nose gets better