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Until the Wheels Fall Off

It’s possible that the Good Girl machine may have unmanned me.

Good Lord, the parts near the tender bits are ssssssore.


Yep, best to take it easy on that machine if you haven’t used it before. LoL. I have made that mistake.

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I know I shouldn’t laugh but can’t help myself. Remember the time I got on the good girl, bad girl, yes/no machine, when no one was around, thought, 'this ain’t nothing" and walked like I’d been riding bulls for a couple of days. :rofl:


Mesocycle 2 Microcycle 2 Day4

Incline BP
205x3 (PR reps)
Been working these for 3 months. Might need a change-up

SSB Squat
Pulled the same muscle in the back again. Dang it. Smart enough to stop. Not smart enough to avoid it in the first place.

Leg Press
600 2x6, 8

Machine Chest Supported Row
285 3x7

Hammer Strenf Chest Press (Close Grip)
180 2x6, 8 (PR reps)
Best I’ve ever managed was 4 hard reps with 2 plates. Very pleased

DB Hammer curls
50’s 3x7

That’s two workouts where I’ve tweaked myself doing lower body movements and I’m not going to get 3x4@205 on incline bench, I can tell. All the pressing movements are topping out.

Need to rethink this program I got for free from some old guy who lives in my house. He may not be the genius I thought he was.


So I don’t think I can run intensity training (6,4,3) at the same time as I’m attempting to do workload training (10,8,6). The fatigue is just too high and goes on for too long and then I get hurt.

I also am not liking the last 3 micros of 4/3 and kinda think I should shorten to 2 micros. At my age, I might benefit more from the 6-12 range, starting at 12 and working down to 6’s. I feel better at the end of 6’s than halfway through a 4’s meso.

In the meantime, I’m going to stop this current program and just do some light work for 2-3 weeks until I feel the enthusiasm return.


For us 55+ folk (who want to take it “easy”):


He probably doesn’t pay enough rent either! :wink:

Avoiding injury so you can continue to work and train has gotta be up there on the priority list for us all. Is it worth sliding in more conditioning days and spread the heavier lifting out more over the course of a week…?

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