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Until the Wheels Fall Off

Mesocycle 2 Deload Microcycle Day 3

Axle Z-Press
145 3x3

SSB Squat
345x3 (PR Reps)
Yeah, that’s okay I guess.

Hatfield Squat
345 2x3

Mag Close Grip Pulldown
240 3x6

Seated Incline DB Curl
50’s 3x4

Multigrip CG BP
190 3x4

Walking lunges
BW 2x10

Good Girl Machine
150 2x15

Bad Girl Machine
150 2x15

Calf Raises(pause top and bottom) + Toe Raises
BW+100 3x15 + BWx15,10,10



Mesocycle 2 Deload Microcycle Day 4 (sorta)

Seated DB OHP
75’s 3x4
Harder today. Something’s off. Missed the clean on the last set.

Smith Machine Full Squat
230 2x3, 1 Pulled a muscle mid-back

Multigrip Bar Floor Press (paused)
210 3x4

Pendlay Row
215 3x4
Pulled muscle wanted to kick, but managed to avoid irritating

Pinwheel Curls
50’s 3x5

Next session starts the third and last mesocycle. I’m getting hurt too often. Time for top+backoff sets mode.


If I’m recovered enough to even do squats by Tuesday, I’m dropping the weight drastically on High Bar to just try and make it through this meso.

This is why I don’t coach people - I can’t even keep from breaking myself.


“Mesocycle”, “Microcycle”…sounds more like a science experiment than a workout.

Always impressive and very cerebral sounding.

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That’s kinda how I regard it, to be honest.

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Mesocycle 3 Microcycle 1 Day 1

155 3x4

High Bar Full Squat
265 3x4
My back thanked me. My right knee did not.

MAG Wide Grip Pulldown

Rolling DB Extensions
40’s 3x7

BB Curl
115 2x4

Reverse Curl
85 2x6

Calf Raises
BW+120 3x15



GG Gripper
#2 2x15
#3 3x6
#2 1x30

Resisted Opens

Band Pull Aparts (red mini)
Feelin’ the burn


Mesocycle 3 Microcycle 1 Day 2

Incline BP
185 3x4
Like pushin pillows, but can top out quickly. Keep to the plan.

225,275,315x3 (dbl overhand)
365x1 (dbl overhand)
405x1 (dbl overhand)
425x 1,1,1(dbl overhand), 1

Low Bar GM
255 3x4
Too heavy, but once I started down the path…
Drop 20 lbs next time

Chest Supported Machine Row
255 3x4
Work up to 6 reps over the meso

Decline BP
215 3x4
This was also easy, may bump it 10lbs next time as it has more room to go up than incline.

1-Arm DB Spider Curl
35 2x8, 6

DB Lateral Raise

And that’s good enuff


Nice Dls. Wait! You’re deadlifting more than me now. Back to the gym!

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Are those double overhand with a hook or standard grip?
Nice deads and rows!

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Standard grip - thumb over fingers. Couldn’t hold it for long, though. Got to the top and had to put it down almost immediately.


Feeling those Good Mornings today. Testing instead of training again.
Definitely gonna dial it back next micro.

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Maybe I’ll do this on Wednesdays.

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Mesocycle 3 Microcycle 1 Day 3

Axle Z-Press
150 3x4 (PR reps)
Prior best single on this is 155. Might be ahead of that now.
I have to come off the pins fast, get it back over my head fast and get my head through to make each rep. Very groove-sensitive lift.

Hatfield Squat
355 3x4

MAG Close Grip Lat Pulldown
240 3x5

Multigrip Close Grip BP (3rd handle)
198 3x4

Seated Incline DB Curl
50’s 3x5

Y-Bar Cable Pushdowns
70 3x15
Moar Trizeps, baby!

Lying Rt Leg Hamstring Curls
40 3x8
Couldn’t even lift the weight, could only do negs. It’s messed up.


Woot! Nice work here.

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Looking forward to the 2021 Rogue Invitational Strongman competition.

Impressive lifting. Especially for an old fart…

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Hey! That’s old, STALE fart to you!

…wait…, uh…

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Nice PR. I’ve never used an axle bar. Seated incline DB curls w/50s is very adequate. Sorry about the leg.

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Ah it’s been that way all along, I just exposed it to myself yesterday is all.

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