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Until the Wheels Fall Off

Ouch that sounds nasty. Were you distracted by some yoga pants at the time?

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If only.
No, my gym bag was in some guy’s way so I was rushing in to move it. My hair is so long I didn’t see the bar he had set up in the rack that my bag was next to and cracked right into it.
He apologized, but I had to admit to him that it was completely due to my own retardation and lack of hair care.

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This is the correct response.

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I remember a guy at work getting distracted by one of the young girls in the office as he was walking through the warehouse. Walked straight into the racking and ended up with 3 stitches through is right eyebrow. Had to live with the scar and the mental scarring of being reminded of it at work almost daily. LOL

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Mesocycle 2 Microcycle 1 Day 3

Axle Z-Press (paused on pins)
135 3x6 (PR reps)

SSB Squat
315x6 (PR reps)

Hatfield Squat
315 2x6

Mag Close Grip Pulldowns
220 2x6, 7

Seated Incline DB Curl
45’s 3x6

EZ Bar Skull Crushers
100 3x6

Z-Presses are getting harder, may have to go up by only 2.5lbs the 3rd micro. Squats are very pleasing. Low back felt different after the farmer’s carries yesterday.


Grip Work
4" Grip Ball
27.5 2 x 45sec

2" Vertical Pipe
24kg x 60sec (r) 50 sec (l)
24kg x 50sec(r) 30 sec(l)

Kettlebell Hold
24kg/hand x 1.75 min

#2 GG Gripper


Hippy problems. :sweat_smile:



Mesocycle 2 Microcycle 1 Day 4

Seated DB OHP
70’s x 8 (Rep PR), 6, 7
That was more reps than I expected to able to do.
Can still swing the dbs up to the shoulders from a seated position, but not for too much longer.

Leg Press
630 3x6

Pendlay Row
200 3x6

Multigrip Bar Floor Press, Paused
195 3x6
I’m only supposed to be at 175, but what the heck - the juice is there so…

Smith Machine Split Squat (right only)
150 2x8
Let’s get that right hip working better

DB Hammer Curls
45’s 3x6

Very happy with today’s training. Got my new mask, so breathing was a bunch easier


Mesocycle 2 Microcycle 2 Day 1

145 2x6, 8 (PR reps)
Had at least two more reps in the tank on that last.

High Bar Squat
295 3x6
Widened stance on squat a little and brought my hands in a bit. That seems to spare the knee and makes my torso more stable.

Mag Wide Grip Pulldown
215 1x7, 2x6

BB Curls
105 3x6

Rear + Side Lateral raises
20’s 3x8 + 3x8

MultiGrip Bar CG BP (2nd handles from middle)
160 2x6

I think I can quit testing reps. I should be able to hit everything ok to end of the meso.


I’ve been bumping up the high-bar squat weight 15lb each time, but I think that’s just a little too much, cumulatively. I’m pretty wore down today. I think I’ll stick to 10lb jumps per cycle going forward.


Mesocycle 2 Microcycle 2 Day 2

Incline BP + BPA (green)
170 3x6 + 15

365 2x5
Not a max, just a good hard pull.

Machine Chest Supported Rows
225 3x7

Decline BP
200 3x6

Seated DB Cleans
35’s 3x6

EZ Bar Reverse Curls
85 3x6

Calf Raises
BW 3x15

Seated Hamstring Curls
195 3x8

Solid Day. Tweaking the deadlifts again.