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Until Metabolic Drive Stocked


Anyone have any good suggestions for a protein supplement i can use until more Metabolic Drive comes in? I just ran out of of mine and I really have not used anything else.


Labrada Low-Carb Lean Body.

Doesn't taste as good, but is pretty good as far as quality and cost are concerned.

I used it in the past until the price of Grow!/Metabolic Drive came down.


I've had good luck with Isopure. Whey isolate, no fat, no carbs, good taste. That, or ergopharm. Either is a decent choice IMHO.


thanks, can i pick that up at a gnc or will have to order it off the net?


I just started to use Grow!. I like it. It's a little thicker, but still a great drink.


I take it that you only like the Chocolate and Vanilla.

They still have the other three flavors in stock.


All The Whey is a good alternative until Metabolic Drive can be ordered.


Yeah just get strawberry or banana cream Metabolic Drive. You may never go back to vanilla!


AST VP2 makes an AWESOME Fruit Punch and Citrus Splash flavor. The chocolate and vanilla aren't all that great in my opinion, but those two are like drinks instead of shakes.

I still have 5 tubs of Metabolic Drive left so I'm good for a while.


WalMart just started selling some protein powder (Star Fitness or something like that) for around $16 per 2lb container. No micellular casein, but oh well. It tastes decent, you can blend it with some Cottage Cheese and water just before bed and it doesn't taste bad at all.


Funny thing about Metabolic Drive...

The three flavors they have in stock are by far the best! I don't know what everyone's hang up on chocolate and vanilla is? Vanilla is the best to mix with anything, but really Banana Cream is the world's greatest invention, next to boobs and post-in notes.


Mainly because people fear change and like to go with what they know tastes good (i.e. chocolate and vanilla) most other proteins who stray away from these flavors usually taste bad and thats what they may be thinking even though this is not the case with Biotest


a. How long have they been out of stock? I don't spend a whole lot of time on here, but I do drop in to make an order about once every couple of months.

b. Does anybody have any idea when they will be back in stock?


The last of the raw materials should be in by the end of the week. We'll put all flavors into production immediately and should have them available through the T-Nation store shortly thereafter.


I have bought Metabolic Drive (and before that Low Carb Grow!, and before that Advanced Protein) pretty much exclusively the last few years. I recently bought some Infusion, manufactured by SAN when Metabolic Drive was out of stock for a long time. The quality seems very high.

On his website, Charles Poliquin says he uses it with his athletes. I love the ingredients and nutrition profile. The taste though........not so great. It will get me through until Choc and Vanilla Metabolic Drive are back in stock.


Hey Mod Brian... Any idea if any new flavors are in the works? I know 5 is huge assortment already, but Biotest never ceases to amaze me. Something fishy is usually up when these crazy OOS things happen.


Why are you asking this?
There are still two flavors in stock.
Banana is by far the best I have ever tasted and I have tried them all.
Are you that hung up on Vanilla and Chocolate? Come on!
Try the banana, you'll thank me, it is that good.
My wife and oldest son 'force' me to make them a shake almost daily!
(fat free milk, one frozen banana and one scoop....very, very, very good).



WHEY to Grow!


Any word yet? I just finished a container of orange and am almost done with banana and I wanna wait to order it to get chocolate and vanilla again for a change of pace.

If it's not gonna be within the next week I guess Ill just order another banana to hold me over..


Yep, totally agree.