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Unsure of Injury. Hernia?

Any one ever had a groin injury one side that hurts when twisting the opposite leg ,the pain is in left groin but is only aggravated when raising or twisting right leg , bending forward also aggravated it . Just wondering if it could be a hernia

Could be something with your adductors too. Is it in the leg itself or up in your crotch?

It’s up in the crotch toward my abdomen, when I workout it feels like it a line from my navel down my groin

Go see a doctor. It could be a strained muscle or it could be a hernia. Normally if you have a hernia there would be a lump in the area, if it’s small and not painful it’s not a problem but if it’s big or it hurts it can be an issue. I have a small umbilical hernia, I was told by a doctor that it’s nothing to worry about but I don’t feel anything either.

Got drs apt Monday, it hurts just bad enough to be an annoyance

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Did they find out what it was

Inguenal hernia , not sure about the spelling but it’s a small hernia starting to develop

Inguinal. Did he recommend repair? If you go early, they may be able to repair it without mesh; that means likely less pain and lower risk of morbidity for you.

Word of warning: post-op is surprisingly uncomfortable for a day or two!

Just said avoid certain exercises but he wants to keep an eye on it and hold off surgery for now

Just curious, are you able to detect any lump or bulge? I’m having some lingering pain in my groin, but I can’t feel any bulge, or anything out of the ordinary at all.

Try palpating while coughing.
It’s also just plain hard to find your own injury, especially if it’s small.

Tried that in numerous places. I still can’t detect any lump or bulge.

Then the second point may or may not apply. I had one I could never feel, and am somewhat suspicious I may have another. Sometimes you just need someone that knows what they’re looking for, I think.

Or maybe you don’t have a hernia and it’s a strain. Who knows!

I never have felt mine but doc said he felt a small lump which he said was a small piece of fatty tissue starting to stick out