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Unsure of Injury. Hernia?

Any one ever had a groin injury one side that hurts when twisting the opposite leg ,the pain is in left groin but is only aggravated when raising or twisting right leg , bending forward also aggravated it . Just wondering if it could be a hernia

Could be something with your adductors too. Is it in the leg itself or up in your crotch?

It’s up in the crotch toward my abdomen, when I workout it feels like it a line from my navel down my groin

Go see a doctor. It could be a strained muscle or it could be a hernia. Normally if you have a hernia there would be a lump in the area, if it’s small and not painful it’s not a problem but if it’s big or it hurts it can be an issue. I have a small umbilical hernia, I was told by a doctor that it’s nothing to worry about but I don’t feel anything either.

Got drs apt Monday, it hurts just bad enough to be an annoyance

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