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Unsure If I Should Continue TRT


I’m 33 years old. I’ve have 3 weekly injectsions of 140tc and .5 ai.

My pre trt test were in the mid 200s e was in 20s. I have had lots of stress the last couple on months and I think that was has attributed to my low t. I have also come off of Ativan recently. I was having brain fog low energy and restlessness! My hands still shake throughout the day. I tried some cbd oil extract and it seemed to calm me down quit a bit.

I am unsure if want to continue trt and be on it for life or can this be my turn around point and go on clomid and try that? I don’t seem to be having to many positives with it. I have had ups and downs and my prostate and testicles ache more and more. I meet with my doctor tomorrow what should I do?


You need to give TRT time. It’ll take a few weeks for the first effects to become apparent. Dosage and protocol might need to be tweaked.


I’d suggest giving it another two or three months before abandoning it. Get blood tests in a few weeks, and make changes from that if necessary.

I don’t know much about anxiety, but I suffer from depression, and I believe that there’s a certain amount of commonality between them.

TRT can help depression, particularly when it’s treatment resistant, but it’s not a cure. I think that aspect is oversold. From my experience, I’d characterise it as being as effective as a low dose SSRI such as 50 mg of Sertraline / Zoloft.

Take a look at BigNoKnow’s YouTube channel. He’s found TRT to be helpful, but still has problems.