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Unsure About Test Dosage for Strength


Everyone seems to talk about cycling for muscle mass...whilst I would like an increase in size, Strength is my major concern.

I am 275, have squatted 700, benched 375 and deadlifted 660.
30 Years old.

At this current stage I am only really looking at Test.

If you were me, how much test would you run a week?
I have only spoken to one person about this and he was saying 500mg should be more than enough.



Strength will be down to your training.

500mg/week is a good starting point.


More test = more strength.


Is 500 a good starting point, or am I wasting my time?


Halo, Winny, Var and GH are pretty solid for strength without extra mass if your trying to stay in weight class.


500 is a safe cycle, not a waste of time if new. For a vet that is a pathetic cycle though-from what I've seen- and would probably be a waste of time.


"safe cycle" makes it sounds a bit tame. I might go with 750 a week, or do 500 and add some tren.

Dont have access to many orals.

I guess, I am worried about going too big straight out of the gates and having to go on monster dosages later (or am I being stupid)



For your first cycle 500mg of test only is okay. Throw some d-bol in if you want.

I wouldn't run tren on your first cycle.

750 wouldn't be bad, but 500 would be a good start


using high dosages on your first cycle won't "spoil" future cycles and force you to use higher dosages. You don't build a tolerance to steroids, it only becomes harder to build muscle because you are bigger then when you started... the bigger you are, the hardest it becomes to gain mass

so if you use 750 at first instead of 500 it doesn't mean you will have to use higher dosages on future cycles. however 500 would do just fine.