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Unstable Standing Military Press


Don't know if this is the correct place to post this but here it goes.

I am a novice lifter and two workouts ago I shoulder pressed 85 lbs but today I could only get 1 rep in for 90 lbs and cant even get the 2nd rep after resting for 2-3 min. Then, I decide to do 85 again for 3 sets and to my surprise, I could only get 3 reps in and 4 reps in respectively for 2 sets. This didn't just happen to me, it happened to my gym partner a while back too. Did any of you guys experience similar problems? I MP with my hands a little wider than my shoulder width but I don't look up when I am shouldering like most ppl do. Oh and btw, I didn't have time to eat breakfast so I worked out on an empty stomach.

P.S. I am eating alot. for example, I had 2 McGanbang(1520 calories, 76g protein) just for my afternoon snack yesterday and have 50-70 g of protein just for my breakfast almost everyday. I weight 146 lbs.


Mcganbang bars? LMFAO. are you a troll?


honestly i don't even know what a troll is. Mcganbang is a Junior chicken and a Mcdouble from McDonald stacked together. you can search it up on google. The reason is cuz its cheap.


It's not suprising you can't do a heavy single 2-3mins later...if it's a near limit single you won't do it 2-3mins later in most cases. Drop 5-10% and you may get a double.

85 is ~ 5% lighter then 90, how many reps do you reckon you should be able to do at 95% of a heavy single?

Aim for at least 10% more then your 3RM is a rough rough guide but will vary wildly depending on if you do a lot of singles of 3's.