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Unsolved Weird Pecs/Shoulder Pain


Hi I’ve been going around chiro and physios to solve this injury of mine but none of them have been helpful…

I experience pain around the anterior shoulder closer to tendons near the armpit when I adduct my arms on a horizontal plane; The strange thing is that I would only experience this pain when I adduct AND retract my scapular at the same time (which causes pain when I benchpress).

Many chiro and physio would give me solutions that would help with injuries regarding pectoral/shoulder tightness. However, I have already tackled most common causes but to no avail. I’ve tried strengthening my upper back, releasing tension/stretching my pecs and shoulder. The pain would still appear if I RETRACT MY SCAPULAR and benchpress.

I do recognize that I have a seemingly proper but not perfect benchpress form. I was doing 286pounds for 5x5 at 178 bw before I decided to rest up. Grip on bench is just outside shoulder width which is quite narrow, with elbow tucked slightly.

I hope there would be someone out there that could help me with this nagging injury of mine.


Have you tried band pull aparts? I mean like 100 a day? I had a weird pain in my right arm for over a year and did a BPA challenge, now it never hurts. Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:


Sounds like how i felt before pec tear, work rotater cuffs hard, keep benches very light, see if you can’t see Sports medicine doc.


Yeah I alternate band pull aparts and facepulls every other day


Hmm rotator cuffs… I’ll try it out!! Thanks a lot! I surely wouldnt want a pec tear man…


What kinds of symotoms were you experiencing before you had your pec tear?


It felt like shoulder would start to come out of socket on heavy benches, my weak side (left) was always three or more inches behind on lockout, with max weights.
I use medium grip but when i would have hard time on left lockouts i would flare elbow out, and lean right opening up left side.


Alright, thanks a lot for your response! Mine’s on both sides though haha I’ll rest up 2 weeks and see how it feels.


Have you just made a large poundage increase?
What accessories lifts are you doing? 130kg x 5 x5 is putting you at around a 165 kg max pretty close to double bodyweight.


Yeah i progressed quite a bit the last four months.
Ever since i feel the pain, i don’t do any other pressing movements after my bench. Usually it would be bench > some kind of row > face pulls and triceps movement, and I’m done fr the day