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Unsolvable Upper Arm Pain

Pretty much getting dull, mild upper arm pain when performing pressing (any pressing) motions. Also when bringing my hands Down after I raise them to the ceiling. The dull pain is right in the middle of the lateral part of the humerus. No pain with pulling motions. I’m almost 100% it’s something with the shoulder, but can’t dig up any info about my symptoms (humerus pain) online.

Please help, bc pressing weights are too much fun!!!

Rotator cuff problems usually reside in the upper arm. Could be an impingement.

Do u have any neck pain if so could be related

From the location of pain, and the fact that it hurts to lower your arm from a raised position it could be a minor tear/tendonitis of your supraspinatus muscle. It usually inserts around where your describing. Get it checked out.

Agree on the RC and quite possibly bicep tendonitis. Get it checked out by an orthpedic doctor.


How is your shoulder external rotation?