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Unsolicited Moronic Comments

My left shoulder has been bothering me a fair bit lately, especially when I bench, so I decided to get some A.R.T. done. Now, my bench has been stuck at a sad 135 lbs since Christmas. After 2 sessions of A.R.T. I felt so much better that I decided to push myself a bit, and ended up doing 155 for 6 full clean reps my last set. The owner of my gym, who knows I’ve been taking Hot Rox, had the balls to walk up to me and say “You realize it’s not you lifting that, don’t you? That stuff you’re taking has andro in it and that’s why you’re getting so strong so fast.” Then he added that anything with andro in it is illegal in Canada and I shouldn’t be using it, especially since I’m a girl and it’s so masculinizing. This is the same guy who’s been bragging to everyone who’ll listen about the amazing gains he made from Mag-10, which he genuinely shouldn’t have been able to get in Canada.

I hope he gets struck by lightning or something!

#1. Kill him.

#2. Eat his heart.

#3. Send me his spleen.

#4. DO NOT ask why.

#5. Also DO NOT confuse the spleen with the pancreas…'cause if that happens one more time…

“Everybody has a heart. Except some people”

~ Bette Davis

A guy who feels the need to talk down someone’s achievements (particularly to a girl who’s benching 155) must be pretty weak himself! Just ignore him and realise how insecure he must be. Obviously just because someone uses Biotest supplements does not necessarily mean he is a T-Man.

Moronic yes…

thats customer service for u…

But u know it wasnt him talikng, its that mag-10 talking from his throat…

He is more than a little jealous of your accomplishments. Be assured he does not talk to the guys like that. Especially a second time.

Cy and others at T-mag have explained many times about why women can take HOT-ROX with no problems. You might want to print that out for him. Then again, it does sound like he’s “threatened” by you so it probably won’t do any good.

Also, ever noticed that the dumbest people offer the most advice and tend to have some of the strongest opinions? Especially in the gym. Just an obvservation.

He was right, you know, but even if the Hot Rox doesn’t get you, benching over 150 pounds will automatically make your breastasis fall off. I know a guy who knew a guy who knew this girl once that it happened to. No joke.

Ah, just have a fake mustache on the the next time you go to the gym. That’s what I’d do ;-))

You just can’t take idiots like that seriously. I don’t.

Did u show the gym owner a bottle of Hot roxx and say “just show me where the f_ is the damn andro in here”. He’s probably just pissed off you are benching more then him :slight_smile: Oh well I would suggest you to switch gyms.

Thanks all for letting me vent!

Cupcake - Thanks for your suggestions. Human heart is an awesome source of protein. Who knew? :slight_smile: One small problem though. I can’t differentiate between a spleen, pancreas and liver, so you’re gonna get a big cooler by FedEx tomorrow.

Zev - It’s not the benching that’s making my breasts fall off. It’s that damn Hot Rox specifically targeting breast fat. They’re melting away. :frowning:

Patricia - The only mustache I can find is attached to a fake nose and glasses. Will that do?!?

fitone - I joined my gym because it’s the only ‘real’ gym in my town (population 43,000 and falling), full of mainly serious, mainly male lifters. My other options are the underequipped community college or Thongs’R’Us type chains. Idiot owner aside, it’s a great place, certainly better than spandex bunny-ville.

Polar fitness do u live on your own because if you do ever thought of setting up your own gym at home. You don’t need too much space. Just enough so that you can fit a power rack w/ a adjustable bench. Sport Authority is having a sale on olypic weights $99 for a 315lbs set and u can get something called powerblocks they work just as well as dumbbells. And the only other thing you might want to add is a swissball.

Don’t argue with idiots, just succeed.

“Also, ever noticed that the dumbest people offer the most advice and tend to have some of the strongest opinions? Especially in the gym. Just an obvservation.”

So so so true. It seems like the only people with whom I ever get in arguments are those who don’t know what the f*ck they are taking about! “No, you shouldn’t do those big heavy sets with low reps. You see, that’s how you get big and bulky, and that’s not good. See, if you want to get really lean and tone muscles, you just do less weight and do more reps. Didn’t you know that?”


O.K…this dysfunctional conglomeration of soft and hardware eating my posts is going to make me NUTS! It’s appetite for clever banter seems to be never ending, so…

Insert your own clever banter here

Of course THIS post will make it through (unlike the previous 4)…figures…

“To err is dysfunctional, to forgive co-dependent”

~ Berton Averre

Another ART convertee.


The pancreas isn’t bad with a little Lawry’s

Funny stuff…

Polar, If that dude needs to talk down to you about Hot Roxx to make himself feel better, (and that’s exactly what he’s doing) just smile. Picture him standing in front of a mirror talking to himself like Stuart Smalls “I’m smart, I’m big, and darnit, people like me…”

Dude probably dances around his house with his cock tucked inbetween his legs.


Absolutely Goldberg!! Lost in my irritation at the owner of my gym is the fact that - WOOHOO! - ART works like magic. My shoulder has been an ongoing problem since a mountain bike accident years ago. I messed up the left side of my body pretty badly. I got surgery on my knee, but the doctor figured that my shoulder was something I could live with, which, although limiting, I could. But now I don’t have to, and it’s like Christmas instead of Easter. I’m a very happy woman, and if not for T-Mag, I doubt I’d have even heard of ART.

Thanks to all who’ve mentioned it!