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Unsolicited Helpful Comments from the Gym

I know we like to talk about shit that annoys us when we watch other people in the gym. I was wondering if anyone ever got a little advice from someone that actually helped.

Maybe it was someone you knew, or not, but something where what they said actually helped.

*New Trainer is walking over and I am squating. I feel it coming and I don’t want any of it. I can feel him watching my last set and as I finish he asks if I need help stripping the bar. I said sure. At this point I am thinking he is going to say “you are going too deep” or “that is bad for your knees” etc.

He proceeds to say he noticed that my left heel “deloads” a little and I might want to stay aware next time I squat. It doesn’t come off the ground but he could see a shift. I told him thanks and went on to finish my workout.

Next time I squat I pay some extra attention and by God he was right. It helped me “get back into my left hip” and helped my lift. The first time in a while I have gotten help from a total stranger in gym for some time.

(This could be a very short thread.)

very short, iv GIVEN plenty of advise, but recieved none. not even retarded stuff, maybe cos i scare everyone with my 300lb squat
(sarcasm tinged with sadness that nobody else squats)

Hmmmm…Yeah I got nothing. But hardly anyone goes to my gym so that could be one reason.

Got advice on push press by an olympic lifter. Basically to get your head through ASAP and using my hips more to initiate the movement. I managed to increase it by 45 lbs.

Found out he has over 2 x BW C & J.

When I started squatting 2 years ago I got help with my knees going over my feet. She (yes, a girl) showed me proper form. Thanks to her, I managed to nail it and squat heavy FAST.

The other week: help with my set up and arching on bench by a World record holder powerlifter. Got a PB that session.