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Figured this would be a good place to post reviews of cheat meals, if you only have one a week you gotta make it count! :stuck_out_tongue:

Had my eye on DQ’s “Buffalo Chicken Finger basket” for some time now, seeing as how I’ve been under 240lbs for a week now I figured I deserved it.

The fingers were slightly hotter than the surface of the sun and way to soggy with the ass hot sauce, and rather small in size. The Blue cheese side smelled like feet so I left it alone. Made me wish I had more of the relatively tasty fries left afterwards, but I had already fed most of them to the dawg in an attempt to at least hold the meal in mostly a P+F format. :frowning:

** out of *****

I recommend Wendys Chicken strips with Chipotle sauce instead. Crispier and bigger.

I don’t have cheat meals, but damn, I do miss hot Italian hoagies! Maybe I’m nuts, but I’ve always loved good pizza, too.

Oh. Nix that stuff. It’s GOTTA be a seafood enchilada meal from Chi Chi’s!!

Here are some meals that I’ve actually had:

  • Entire large pizza with ice cream for dessert

  • One log of Pilsbury raw cookie dough

  • 2 hours spent at “all u can eat” buffett

Ok, the last two were not ever done when I was cutting!

Okay, big meals stories.

When I was tri training, it was not unusual for me to eat an entire Pizza Hut medium pan combo, by myself, in a 40 minute period of time, for lunch, and be hungry again by 4:00. I weighed 145. Constantly.

Also, one of the local masters biker racers in this area has been banned from several “all-you-can-eat” establishments because of the HUGE amounts of food he eats. And this guy is all of 5’3" and maybe 120 lbs soaking wet (and body fat to rival any pro BBer on stage). I witnessed this first hand in Richland, when we went to a buffet together. This was only 3 hours after a VERY large Chinese meal (“Chinese doesn’t count. You’re hungry before you leave.”) I got bored after 7 plates FULL of food and left. Others stayed to watch the entire display of gluttony, and it consisted of 3 MORE plates full. And we raced the next morning. He beat me. Bastard.

Neil, what do you mean you don’t cheat? Dude, reread the mass thread and notice the underlying theme of BALANCE. It’s ok to eat what you want every now and then.

I think I’m going to cry- (cheat meal gone bad)

Mmmm, pizza and ice cream…
papa murphy’s chicago style followed up by some premium or super premium ice cream is damn good.

I will have to say though my favorite “cheat” meal would be a dinner at Manny’s in mpls.

Perfect steak, anything from 12 ounch tenderloins to 48 ounce porterhouses. Chase that baby down with a 3-5 pound lobster, eating some of the awesome hash browns and asparagus with it.

Course have some good beer to wash it down, or even a nice wine.

And for dessert you gotta have the fudge brownie cake. The richest cake known to man, topped with several flavors of perfect caramel/fudge topping, and super premium ice cream.

Even have cubans to finish off the meal if you so choose…

MMMM, several thousand calories of bliss. Only $150-200 also depending on wine quality and so on…

Course my favorite home thing for a cheat meal would have to be homemade monster cookies. An oatmeal based cookie with peanut butter, mm’s and chocolate chips in it. Made large like small personal pizza sizes.

Burger King Croissanwiches

I neglected to go the grocery store the other night, so after my morning workout, I had two choices. I could stop and pick up something to make at home, or go through a drive-thru. Gluttony won out.

I went to the Burger King drive-thru and got 3 ham, egg, & cheese croissanwiches and a coke. (I needed a carbonated bevarage to make sure my tummy settled okay, since it was early.)

They weren’t the best I’ve ever had from there, but they were quite good, since I haven’t had them in awhile.

*** out of *****

crap i shouldn’t have read this thread.
buries self in broccoli and flax seed oil

CGB mentioned something about a Big Extra. What’s the verdict?

I gotta throw my support in for the triple cheeseburgers from Burger King. Really nice.


Oops! Sorry for the long response time.

I dunno, man. I only cheat VERY rarely. But it’s usually if I’m at a party or something all night. Hard to not eat all night when there’s good food all over the place and you’re hammered lol.

Otherwise, seriously, I don’t like to cheat. I’d much rather get a delicious healthy food, like steak or ribs or something like that. Satisfying and good for you…that’s how it’s meant to be :slight_smile:


Satisfying and good for you…that’s how it’s meant to be :slight_smile:

We’re still talking about food, right?

wouldn’t beer be considered a cheat?

just a thought

b33f, beer is considered part of the liquid part of your diet, much like water, so reduce water intake acordingly. I believe this is covered in the Canadian Food Guide, if I recall correctly. A keg of beer on your birthday, on the other hand, isn’t covered in the guide, so I wouldn’t worry about it and consume liberally without concern.

How did the birthday go?

oops, forgot about the Big Extra.

My opinon on this lovely darling? The best thing in the business, without a doubt. A single patty topped with a thick slice of tomoato, sprinkled with shredded lettuce and a generous topping of mayonnaise, what more could you want? Nothing. You bite into one of these sweety pies and you wonder why you ever started to lift weights and worry about your waistline.

Personally, I recommend getting back to basics with this tasty number once per week. All 4 food groups are covered in one delicious Big Extra: fat, grease, salt and pure satisfaction. You must consume a minimum of two per sitting to get the true effect.

Around here we have Jack in the Box. I love that place. I get an ultimate cheeseburger and a sourdough jack. It’s like a total of 1600 calories. It tastes soooooo good.

Sheesh… here i am describing a wonderful ~$150 meal and you punks are talking about fast food of all things… lol

To be honest I havent had fast food in years, unless you count protein bars or pizza as fast food. I never was a connisseour of fast food like CGB, sully or others seem to be.

Another great cheat meal is pizza and wings at green mill. Along with a few pitchers of beer and some nice eye candy to ogle it’s an excellent place to hang out with the guys…

Antiliberal, I’ve only recently began a regimented program of one cheat meal per week. This will be week three. I could never stomach fast food, but recently I’ve actually found that it helps settle my stomach when I have problems with indigestions. Go figure.

Mmm, chipotle.

Some day, I’m going to allow myself an entire cheat day. I’ve thought about this quite a bit. I’ve stayed up late at night pre-planning the worse possible combination of junkfood that I hate to love.

Pre-Breakfast: Half a dozen pastries, a nice mixture of jelly filled, cream filled, cake, fritter, raised, and glazed. All will be washed down with a pot of coffee. Why so light on breakfast? I’ve still got a whole day ahead of me.

Breakfast: Village Inn. A nice greasy omelet with a side of hash browns swimming in a pool of still-spattering oil. A short stack of pancakes drenched in a vat of pure maple syrup. A pot of coffee. A brownie with ice-cream for desert.

Brunch: McDonalds. Supersized #1 with a diet Coke… diet Coke just taste better man. Two hot apple pies will contrast the German chocolate DQ blizzard that I’m going to pick up on my way to the corner store.

Lunch: Perhaps something exotic like Ethiopian, Syrian, or Dim Sum. This will be the flavor of the day; whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.

Afternoon Snack: All kinds of candy, Milk Duds, Sugar Babies, Snickers, Junior Mints, Raspberry Zingers, Hostess Cupcakes, PEZ, Hot Tamales, M&Ms, gummy bears, Tootsie Pops… it really doesn?t matter.

Dinner: Something Mexican from one of the local restaurants. Start the meal off with a basket of complimentary tortilla chips and salsa then order a big ol’ gut bomb of fried cheese and fatty ground beef wrapped in some kind of shell or tortilla, and for desert… sopapillas with gallons of honey.

Pre-bed Snack: A large ass pizza with pepperoni and black olives.

Some day… some day.