Unsanctioned Kentucky Show Your Strength Meet for Charity.

Ok so as you can tell by the inactivity of the log I took a week off. A friend from Kentucky asked me to come up and compete yesterday in a unsanctioned meet being held for his niece who is battling cancer. All the profits from the meet and donations went to her family to help try and pay for her treatment and gas back and forth to the hospital for Chemo Treatments. This was completely out of the blue and had zero prep time for it but had some people offer me between 1-5 dollars for every pound I squat over 600. I have only done this twice both never in a meet and one to questionable depth. So, I was nervous but figured I had to give it a shot.

Day of weigh ins 230 in my shorts, tee shirt, and chucks. Which puts me at 228 had I stripped down. Opened with 580 squat, 315 bench, and 550 pull. All squats were in a power rack so they had to be walked out. Have very little practice walking out literally only 2 weeks of doing it lol. My next concern was the Judge. I have only done SPF meets before and we all know the sterotype of their squat judgments. This judge is a very strict USPA Certified and active judge. So I asked him to call me up when I hit depth. Luckily I had zero issue and was sinking a good inch lower even after his call.

Warm UPS were feeling great literally threw 510 off my back. Loaded up 580 no idea what happened but, hit the hole came half way up and grinded pretty hard. This really dishearten me that I might not even raise a single dollar. But, went 605 next attempt praying I would at least make the minimum donation. Hit the hole and shot out like a warm up. Was the easiest 600 squat I have ever done. Called 625 next. I was pretty sure I had 630-635 but didn’t wanna miss out out on big donation for a by missing. Took it out and focused on nothing but head up and elbows down and literally smoked it but had one of the most violent black outs I ever have had Was a awesome lift in my opinion. It raised $300 for the little girl. 40lbs meet pr 25lbs lifetime pr.

Bench went sub par as always. 315 smoked. 340 easy 3 whites. Was little slow but much smoother than when I did it at nationals. Calling it a tech PR. 350 missed just where triceps carry over. 350 is my goal for Dec 6th so I am going to go on a Board Press and Dip attack for the next 6 weeks.

Deadlift I was pretty spent and lower back was very tight so on a whim switched back to Sumo. Opened with 550 smoked it. 585 killed it with a small little grind passed my knees then locked out strong. Followed by a little noodle legs. Called it there as that was a 10lbs meet PR and wanted to try not to obliterate my self completely since I only have 7 weeks til my official meet. Ended the day with a unofficial 1550. Which is my goal for December. So peaked and really pushing my pull I strongly feel that will be a pretty easy day. Could even possibly close in on 1580 to 1600 @220.

This was a amazing meet and the most fun I have ever had lifting. Hit big numbers, met new and saw a ton of old friends, and then ate a lot of cake and BBQ. Was a great day

Great write up, and even better that you did the meet on a whim and raised money for someone in need.


Dude that is badass

Badass Reed!

Reed that is so damn inspiring. Well done.

Thanks guys. I’m having issues posting up the videos right now. But the woman who ran the meet put this out.

Some of you if you have a Facebook will be able to see it. I’ll post up official links when I can.

Oh and I didn’t think about it but in he video she says it was my second attempt at 625 because I blacked out on my first attempt which I did. Came through and still had wraps on got right back under it and knocked it out . Didn’t put it in the write up.

Nice work!

Where in Kentucky? London? And was it the millers? I did an SPF meet there in September, but we had uspa judges

[quote]HeavyTriple wrote:
Where in Kentucky? London? And was it the millers? I did an SPF meet there in September, but we had uspa judges [/quote]

It was in a Small place called Whitley City in Recreational Center

I have no idea where anything is in Kentucky besides Louisville and Lexington.