Unrialysis and 2-Amino-4-Methylpentane?

Hey guys,
Need a quick answer to this question if possible, I know a lot of PWO’s replaced 1 3 dimethylamylamine, which if I’m correct is what caused a lot of false positives on urinalysis’s, with 2-amino-4-methylpentane. In short, I’m wondering if anyone has heard or experienced any problems with this new derivative when it comes to UA.



That’s why I stopped using shitty supplements years ago.

Can you elaborate a little instead of just being a smart ass?

You got what you asked for and I’m the smart ass?

  1. DMAA CAN create a false positive for amphetamines. The last word is very important. Not illegal in US, considered a drug in Canada. Banned by WADA.

  2. DMBA is still young and I haven’t seen any results that will give a positive or false positive. Having said that, the few that I did hear that tested positive for amphetamines, it was not determined how it came about and they swore they took no DMBA (in Canada). Wish I had the links, but on my other computer that fried and I’m too lazy to re look that info.

  3. If you are that worried about it, don’t take it. Period.

  4. I stand by my original statement. Your supplement(s) suck. It has been asked many times here if any of the supplements will raise red flags in natural competition. So far, nothing. One guy just won a natural BB and physique competition.

Lol now that second response was actually helpful and I really appreciate the help, I’ve got 11 days left in the army and just had my last UA, would be a shitty time to find out that I fucked up. Thanks for the help!