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"Unreported Truths about Covid-19 and Lockdowns: Part 4: Vaccines"

Written by Alex Berenson author and New York Times reporter. Recently he was on the Joe Rogan podcast. I bought the kindle version. Thought I would share. It is a short read (58 pages)

Alex Berenson has been wrong about literally everything related to the pandemic, and what’s more it’s extremely easy to prove that his statements were demonstrably false.

But you will ignore this reply because you’re only interested in proselytizing and converting people to your anti vaxx religion.


Everything in the book has links to research, studies, news articles, FDA findings etc.

It is easy to say he is wrong with no proof. Argue against his findings/writing directly.

Sure - post any trash of his of your own choosing and I will refute it.

Click on the link and do it yourself.

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Serves my right for engaging in an internet equivalent of a discussion with door-to-door Mormon missionaries.

C’mon, pick a Berenson’s argument that you find most compelling and I will demonstrate that it is false.

As opposed to this?

C’mon, pick a Berenson argument in the book that you believe is wrong and prove it.

I wasnt aware of this man and his work. But he seems to get to the same conclusions. Vaccines do not work. I did not know that their research was so badly manipulated. Doing trials only on healthy people and measuring results.

How I understood vaccines do not work? I had my covid for a day. A colleague of mine vaccinated with Astra Zeneca had to be hospitalized with hearth inflamination after a bad Covid he had. I am 35 training, slightly over weight but otherwise healthy. He is 30, skinny but probably never ran in his life. So obviously my immune system without a vaccine was way stronger than his with a vaccine. And I did not consider myself healthy. It is just that his vaccine doesnt work and he is in a piss poor physical condition.

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The hard science is there mate. No immunization, we are still looking on how they prevent death. So far dead rate success seems good for the vaccines, I will give them that.

I just explained how I figured for myself prior to start reading about the vaccines that rhey do not work. I was very pro vaccines before they came last year. Then I waited a bit, then I got Covid so I decided I will take the vaccine after the season due to possible side effects. Then I started reading more and more.

My parents are vaccinated. I asked them to get the shots. They are high risk. Even now arguing wirh my father to get a second Jansen shot, because that vaccine is a complete bullshit and my old man thinks he is protected. He got his Jansen shot in April. Meaning he has no protection whatsoever. But the propaganda machine tells him he is safe.

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It’s an anti vaxx pamphlet written in a patronizing style using simple words to appeal to the uneducated with links to “studies” (all preprints) and banking that the gullible reader won’t click through the actual study, or if he/she does won’t be able to understand what is written there and that it frequently differs from Berenson’s interpretation.

For example, these two studies in pre-print do not state what Berenson says while he implies correlation between start of the vaccination campaigns in many countries and excess / Covid deaths. That most of vaccination campaigns started during the Covid winter waves is handwaved away. Of course, when additional monthly cohorts in the spring/summer are observed, when the vaccine uptake is even higher and the number of covid cases lower, the excess deaths are reduced or nonexistent.

In other words, Berenson wants you to believe that when there are a lot of Covid cases around people non-vaccinated are dying from “immunosuppressing” vaccines, but when the spread of covid is reduced for some reason they are not keeling over as much.

You bought the book.

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I think you are not literate enough to understand that he does not make such claims. You are making up this claim. From the context it is only implied that during vaccination the infections rise. I am not able to see the full text here. That is called an actual reporting, you know.

I am pretty sure the full text and the problem he is investigating is actually for immune comptonization after the 1st dose and not the 2nd dose. There is some evidence Phizer faked/did not report (for me it is faking and unethical practice) the research from the 3rd trial with the 1st dose and covid cases between the 1st and 2nd dose.
However, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

We should ask Dr. Dre then


Yeah, thank you for proving my point. You have nothing to say, so you will go ahead for the gramma. Thank you good, sir. I feel like a winner now.