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'Unremarkable' MRI Scan



2 years later and I managed to get an MRI on my knee. Results stated "unremarkable" on all parts of the knee.

Does this mean I'm good? It was the radiologist's report. Given that I'm in so much pain that I cannot jog, and can get nowhere near squatting 3/4 of my bodyweight I'm seeking a second and third opinion.

But the earliest appointment is approx 4 months away.

Does "unremarkable" mean "suck up the pain and get on with it, pussy" ?


Unremarkable means they didn't see anything. Of course MRI can miss stuff about 30% of the time.

What exactly was wrong with your knee?


Remember, and MRI is just a moment in time, also it is taken with no load on your knee. Unremarkable means they didn't find any particular pathology. Pathology does not equal dysfunction though.

I would actively seek out a sports medicine MD or DO, or even possibly a sports med chiropractor who treats extremities on a routine basis, but do your homework before setting up an appointment with anyone, ask around your gym or look online/call for their credentials and background. Unless you're in the middle of nowhere you should be able to get the ball rolling long before 4 months.


It took me 3 MRIs for something to show up. They are really hit or miss, like people are saying.

I second the idea of going to a sports doctor. I would also go to an ART practitioner for a second opinion after this (and before you do anything drastic).