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Unreleased Torture Photos


So it looks like the photos Obama tried to not release are coming out anyway. I think this treatment of detainees is obviously indefensible, and I know this is not representative of our policies, but unfortunately these photos are our representative to the world.


To me, this is the reason why we need to distance ourselves from any mere resemblance of Gitmo or Abu Ghraib. Any intel we gained that increased our security has been trumped a hundred-fold by the harm this will do.


Dude Waterboarding isn't torture, this whole article is useless because it was obviously some other army not ours because our army will only waterboard detainees. No lines would ever be crossed, we are the good guys remember. Also since you can't rape the willing a photo is not good evidence of rape because it doesn't identify that the participant was unwilling.

Bound you say? Hmmf, never heard of S&M? Please some people get off on this tying up stuff, this is obviously a case of misunderstood playing. I mean obviously if they were ok with thier picture being taken, they were ok with the acts they were doing.

Seriously though, how fucking morally corrupt do you have to be to sit there and do this shit. And how about the onlookers or people who know about it. I see our fall to being souless scumbags is coming ever closer to reality. Just another generation to grow up on sleazebag reality TV shows mixed with a morally corrupt society with the authority figures breaking thier own rules in broad daylight and claiming they are too powerful to fail, and our next generation is going to be the worst this planet has ever seen.

They will dominate the world on a scale never before seen, and they will be ruthless in thier domination of anyone different then them. I can't wait.



What, you allow them a little bit of advanced interrogation and presto! someone has a light bulb up his ass?

Such a thing could never happen, because the US military consists of the bestourcountryhastoofferthankyouforservingGodblesstheUnitedStatesofAmerica.

So, obviously, aliens have photoshopped these photos.


The Republicans told Nancy Pelosi that rape was being used as a motivation , not torture , so it is all Nancyâ??s fault, Damn that liberal socialist bitch


Disgusting but completely unrelated to official interogations.




Yeah, they only happened in official detention and interrogation centers.

I can't see how people can look at pictures like in this article and say we didn't torture http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2009-05-29/torture-photos-depict-sex-rape/#


Look, just because it happens in an official interrogation center, by official interrogators and end up in official intelligence report, that does not make them official.

Plus, even if it was official that is a purely military tactic. These best and brightest America has to offer would never do that to American citizens if they got away with it.

Because that would make Angels weep.

And Angels are even more special than Americans.






No better way than to spread American beliefs than with rape and torture. I wonder what the left has to say in defense of such acts. "Well, we saves 10,000,000,000 American lifes by raping men and women with foreign objects" "It works"




That's a Kodak movement when that whore stands smiling with a thumbs up over a dead body


Are you retarded or just slow?


Christ.... .What the hell happened in that photo with all that blood on the floor?


Neither, defend such actions motherf*****.


That you cling to what is "official" and what is not is childish.

They already violated the law with what was "official" and they got away with it.

There is no line in the sand, none, zip, zilch, nada, to prevent them from going further.

In fact the farther they go, the more likely it is that future administrations will cover it up.


that's the point genius. nobody is defending this.


Do I need to dig up the countless posts where people defend torture in the name of national security?


That shit isn't torture.... It's sick fucks on some power trip. No one, and I mean NO ONE will defend this shit.


sure . . . .