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Unreal Weight Loss During Isolation

So since March 16 my company has mandated all of us work from home. Knowing gyms would be closed shortly thereafter, I ordered a ton of heavy dumbells (40-110 lbs in 10 lbs increments) and an awesome adjustable bench. I live in a two bedroom two bathroom apartment in Manhattan, so this was the best I could do.

Anyway, having been on lockdown, I’ve continued to eat 3-4 meals a day and lift 4x a week. Now I haven’t been able to test my bench, squat, abd deadlift but all dumbell exercises are at or above where I left off prior to gym closures.

Anyway, I have only eaten home cooked meals courtesy of my wife who’s an amazing cook. Since 3/16 I have lost 18 lbs and a couple inches off my waist doing nothing different than eating better. As a matter of fact, I’m moving around less not walking around and commuting to work! I’m thrilled to lose fat, look better, and maintain strength.

In closing, I’m blown away by this weight loss while keeping my strength (to reiterate, have not tested the big three yet).

Lucky u. What would you guesstimate ur protein intake to be?

Eating better quality food can have a huge impact.

I went from 209 to 191. I think my protein ranges from 140-180g per day.

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I think I’m proof of that haha

Losing weight too, but doing cardio 3-4x/week. Have gone from 210-196. Keeping protein really high. I’m not so much concerned about strength loss, as that will return quick, I just feel I’m shrinking by the day.

Are you not able to lift currently?

Bodyweight and band stuff. Cardio outside is LISS (walking) around the neighborhood with a heavy backpack.

That sucks man, I feel for you. My wife and I are moving out of the city this summer to a house and first thing I’m doing is turning my basement into Westside-lite.