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Unpatriotic to criticise President?

“To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public… Nothing but the truth should be spoken about him or any one else. But it is even more important to tell the truth, pleasant or unpleasant, about him than about any one else.”

– Teddy Roosevelt, May 7, 1918

But he was an un-politically correct animal killing meanie.

I agree with that of course. Who am I to disagree? To seek the truth yes…not seek to slander with unproven untruths.

Founding Fathers sure made more sense than current people.

I never tire reading old stuff. Guys who wrote back then had a way of saying things.

They must be rolling in their graves thinking how much the mass devolved. Surely not what they dreamt of.

I was going to post this quote! I just found it yesterday, great quote.

In that case there are probably many truths yet to be told. :slight_smile:

When did teddy roosevelt become a founding father?

Hey, Slimjim… you`re right.

Should have written Founding Fathers Era (wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back).

Apologies to all Americans.

You have to love Teddy. That was when he was teeing off on Wilson. By the way, he was not big on receiving criticism himself.

By the way, Roy, I 100% agree that it is truth we should be after. I challenge you to live up to that mantra. No more “AWOL,” “Halliburton,” etc… comments. They are just too easy for anyone to do a quick internet search and expose you for the partisan that you are. Deal?


BOTTOM LINE on all these political/war thread: IS BODYBUILDING A SPORT?!


Well…I think Dr.Lowery…Christian T…Prisoner #22 and a few others would agree that bodybuilding IS a sport…and NOT a body/beauty peagant. Of course…some posters may wish to differ with the formentioned folks; but that is my opinion…


For those people, they should read the book “Muscle: Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder”. Pretty eye opening, at least from a particular person’s perspective and a fantastic read. I’ve never had a book make me laugh so hard in my life.


That’s one of Teddy’s favorite sayings too. I totally agree with the quote above also.

I think that what irks the “defenders” of any sitting president are the unqualified, personal bashing attacks on these pols. It’s not that genuine criticism is wrong, but rather that all the venomous allegations are.

Clintonites hated the whole Monica-gate situation, because it came down…no pun intended…to a personal affair. Period. Bushies hate the present situation because most of the attacks are personal in nature, not substantive (i.e., Bush is a moron, How can a man who chokes on a pretzel lead a country, etc…).

Democracy thrives on criticsm, but is diminished by petty attacks on character “flaws” that only seem to divide people along partisan lines. If the venom was removed from the anti-War criticism, we’d be having a real good debate, rather than tit-for-tat attacks that do nothing to clarify the issues.

Not that the personal attacks will ever stop…people just have too much fun with them. If Kerry wins, then the “right” will be launching salvos against him daily, questioning his every move…just like the “left” is doing to Bush now.

Yeah…but is bodybuilding a sport??

“Bushies hate the present situation because most of the attacks are personal in nature, not substantive (i.e., Bush is a moron, How can a man who chokes on a pretzel lead a country, etc…).”

—>I take issue with this and the notion that the left is attacking only Bush’s personal character. While there is plenty of his character to criticize, I think much of the criticism of Bush the past few years has been his handling of world affairs post 9/11, his handling of domestic affairs, and his personal/professional relationships. Leftists find at least as much fuel for their fire from Bush’s presidential actions as they do from his personal inadequacies and shortcomings.

–>And, it is most certainly our DUTY to call into question the motivations and consequences of the actions of our leaders.

Protesting a war or a policy, etc. is our right and duty as Americans – free people with the ability to think and speak freely. If we can’t do this, we’re not American.

I agree with Right Side Up. I really had hopes that Bush would be a “uniter and not a divider” and “change the tone in Washington”. That never happened. Instead, he (with the assistance of Republican domination in the Senate and House) has pushed a radical right wing agenda that cannot truthfully be called true conservatism.

The personality stuff is just minor crap. It’s the Bush policies and actions that I think are taking America in the wrong direction, on a whole bunch of different fronts, that get my goat.

Right Side Up and Lumpy
When I’m about to lose faith from the right wing neocon propaganda I read on some of these posts, I read your posts and it restores my faith that their are some aware people out there and not just sheep.

No sheep here elk…Ive done my research…been to OTS…(which YOU have NOT DONE!) and wandered in the land of liberalism and escaped before I lost my mind and moral compass completely. Been there…done that…got the T-shirt…
So, please…don’t throw out “closeminded” and “judgemental” names at those who disagree with you.
That type of thinking seems very prejudicial…

Do you think there are any people besides us lost liberal hippies that don’t agree with dubya’s policy or the war? Could there be any conservatives out there that feel this way?