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Unpasterised Cheese


After reading about the benefits of including unpasterised milk in a bodybuilding diet I found a local farmers market where I could hold of the stuff. They also sell unpasterised cheese. I prefer eating my cheese grilled on some bread. Would grilling the cheese negate the benefits of the cheese being unpasturised, as the main point of unpasturised milk/cheese is that it has not been heated?


Pasteurization and cooking are not neccesarily the same thing. Pasteurization involves heating food to a specified temperature and maintaining that temperature for a set period of time.

Both pasteurization and cooking will cause some degree of denaturation, but your body is going to denature your food anyway, we call this digestion.

The cheese making process will also likely involve some degree of denaturation of the milk.

There are multiple methods of pasteurization, some leave foods essentially un changed, others basically plasticize foods. Avoid anything that is UHT or ultra-heat treated.

I eat raw milk cheese for the markedly improved flavor and texture. Raw milk and raw milk cheese also tend to come from smaller farms that use traditional grazing techniques for their animals rather than feed lot methods, a fact that is probably much more important than whether or not the milk is heated.

What benefits are you hoping uncooked cheese will convey that cooked cheese will not?